Molly Young: Suicide or Homicide?
Molly Young: Suicide or Homicide?

Molly Young, 22, died in her on-and-off boyfriend’s apartment in Carbondale, Ill., on March 24, 2012. Her father is calling for a renewed investigation into her death after reviewing police documents obtained through a freedom of information request.

Young’s boyfriend, Richie Minton, was a telecommunicator for the Carbondale Police Department, and the son of a longtime Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy, according to a Carbondale Times article from April 2012.

Minton called 9-1-1, with an overly calm voice, Young’s father, Larry Young, told ABC News in a report published Saturday. Minton told the dispatcher, “My girlfriend just committed suicide.” He said, “I woke up and she was covered in blood.”

Young had a gunshot wound to the head. Minton had said he thought Young might have overdosed, since she had blood near her nose. A coroner ruled it was a suicide by gunshot, but in January a coroner’s jury reviewed the case and changed the cause of death to “undetermined.”

Illinois State Police Lt. Stan Diggs told the Carbondale Times in 2012 that Minton had apparently washed his hands and changed his clothes before police arrived. There was also a delay in the initial investigation as the police obtained a warrant. Diggs said Minton was “not being real accommodating with us.”

Young’s case is not closed, but the State Attorney told ABC News there is not enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Young was murdered. However, if more evidence becomes available, he will consider reviewing the case.

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Larry Young told ABC News he’s certain his daughter didn’t commit suicide: “She didn’t, it’s obvious. … It disgusts me that a young woman could lose her life like that and no one seems to care.”

He had told the Carbondale Times last year that his daughter seemed happy before her death, suggesting a suicide was unlikely. She was excited to start a new job and had made plans to go shopping on the weekend she died.

In a message posted to Facebook in February, Larry Young wrote: “On March 3, 2012, just 21 days before my daughter Molly was found shot in the top of the head, Richie Minton posted on his social media page the following quote from the Son of Sam “and huge drops of lead poured down upon her head until she was dead.”

  • What the…

    Well she didn’t get a chance to wash the gun residue off of her own hands now did she?

    • American expat in Europe

      Exactly. That would prove suicide and um yeah, where is the gun? This story is not complete. And tell me, how can you go from ‘gun shot wound’ to ‘undetermined’ if there is a gun shot wound to the head?? And how on earth if there is a gunshot wound can you call it suicide without a gun or gun powder residue on her? What is this police dept. thinking? I hope her parents sue the pants off them, put that loser on death row and get justice for their daughter.

  • Cathy Ozbirn Colcord

    According to the family, they found no gun residue on Molly. If she shot herself how did that happen? Doesn’t it seem a bit suspicious that the police allowed the exbf to wash his hands and change clothes before he was checked for gun residue?

  • ruffers71 .

    She also couldn’t have wiped the gun clean of fingerprints.

  • paleblueeyes24

    Sure she could use her left hand to fire the gun BUT why would she if her intent was to kill herself? If I was going to use a gun to commit suicide the last thing I would do is use my non-dominant hand. I’d be afraid I wouldn’t be able to control the gun and therefore survive the shooting. This case needs to be investigated BIG time. Why would the ex-bf say she overdosed when there is a gun and blood everywhere???? Please.

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