Bright ‘Fireball’ in Sky Over Tennessee, Alabama (+Video)
Bright ‘Fireball’ in Sky Over Tennessee, Alabama (+Video)

There were reports of a bright fireball late on Sunday night and Monday in Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.

A number of reports were posted on the American Meteor Society website.

UPDATE: later reported that it was a Capricornid meteor, which was traveling at 54,000 miles per hour. It was captured by NASA.

“This was so very exciting for me. The colors were beautiful,” wrote one user, Liz W., from Nashville, Tenn.

Another person from Oakland, Tenn., wrote that the fireball was “low moving, passed behind cloud bank and glow could be seen through clouds.”

“The fire trail was a slender taper going from origin to point within the spacing of nine of the original diameter … the [colors] were sharp:white core, moss green outside it, traces of blue.,” wrote another.

“It almost looked like this fireball was going to make impact,” another wrote.

The fireball sighting coincide with the Perseid meteor shower, which starts in mid-July to late August each year.

It is unclear if the “fireballs” that people saw in the southeastern U.S. had to do with the Perseids. 

“It was larger than any meteor I have ever seen,” wrote one person.

On Twitter, at least one person said they heard a “loud boom.”

“Widespread reports tonight of bright fireball in the sky over TN, AL some hearing loud boom,” wrote NewsBreaker.

  • Kevin Hill

    welcome to the end times

    • Felix Tsung-Hsien Lim

      you are probably right in refers to 2 Peter 3 where it says that there will be signs of smoke and fire in the heavens and the entirely universe will be burnt out and a sign of judegment and sin on the ungodly and the unsaved and only those who call upon the name of the lord will be saved . However, meteorite showers and solar flares explosions are occurring all the time so don’t you think you are reading too much into it ?

      • naijawan

        Felix, I think you’re reading too much into Kevin’s comment.

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