Cars Banned From Part of Road in Rome by Bike-Loving Mayor

Private vehicles are going to be banned from a stretch of Rome’s Via dei Fore Imperiali, a central boulevard in the city, starting on Saturday, August 3.

The move represents a move by Rome’s new mayor, Ignazio Marino, to cut down on traffic. He said recently that traffic would be cut by 90 percent on the rest of the road, according to Italian news agency ANSA. Marino plans on banning cars from other roads as well. Bikes are still allowed. Marino often commutes to work on a bike.  

A celebration will be held starting at 7 p.m. on Saturday called “Notte dei Fori” (Forum Night) to commemmorate the boulevard’s “urban rebirth,” says ANSA. The heavy traffic on the street have been blamed for high levels of pollution and creating so much vibration that damage is caused to nearby structures, including the Roman Forum.  

At least half of the road will be closed to traffic, according to Italian blog Strani Italia. The move also comes at a time when restoration of the Colosseum ($25 million) is set to start. 


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