Sikh Man Removed From Bus After Being Falsely Accused of Discussing Bombs
Sikh Man Removed From Bus After Being Falsely Accused of Discussing Bombs

A Sikh man who was removed from a greyhound bus after a passenger mistook his speaking Punjabi for Arabic is asking authorities to press charges against the passenger who had accused him of making a bomb threat. 

He also wants to press charges against two men who placed him under citizen’s arrest until the police came. 

Daljeet Singh, who had immigrated from India, was speaking to a fellow passenger in Punjabi when a woman reported them to the police, accusing them of speaking Arabic and making a bomb threat. 

In a complaint filed by the Sikh coalition, Singh said that a woman complained about him and another man “acting weird,” and they were detained by fellow passengers until the police came and arrested them. 

“Soon after the bus stopped, I received a phone call from a family member, but the two African American passengers physically prevented me from answering my phone,” Singh wrote. “I tried to call an English-speaking family member to help me communicate with them, but the men prevented me from using my phone.”

Singh said that he was detained for 30 hours before speaking to the FBI through a Punjabi interpreter, after which he was released. 

“I was unfairly accused of being a terrorist and treated as a threat. I was made to take a mug shot without my religious turban, and this picture was circulated in the media, causing me deep humiliation and angst,” Singh wrote. 

Singh said that some of the passengers, including the ones who placed him under citizen’s arrest, took pictures and recorded videos of him, and that he was called a “bitch.” 

Potter county attorney Scott Brumley said that he had received a copy of the complaint from the Sikh coalition, according to local media reports, but that it was difficult to prosecute these cases because of the difficulty of proving that someone knowingly filed a false police report. 

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