DEA Raids Marijuana Dispensaries in Seattle, Olympia, Tacoma

FOLLOW-UP: DEA Following Federal Law, Not State Laws, When it Comes to Marijuana

The DEA raided several medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington state, months after it was legalized in the state.

SEATTLE — Federal agents have raided a number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the Puget Sound region.

Drug Enforcement Administration spokeswoman Jodie Underwood said Wednesday afternoon the operation was under way. She declined to immediately provide details about how many dispensaries were being targeted or how many search warrants were being executed.

Washington state legalized adult possession of up to an ounce of marijuana last fall, but marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

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Seattle medical marijuana attorney Douglas Hiatt said the targeted dispensaries include Seattle Cross, Tacoma Cross and Bayside Collective in Olympia.

Bayside employee Addy Norton said agents seized personal cell phones of dispensary workers and pot, but left computers and about $1,000 in cash. Agents told her the raid was part of a two-year investigation, and she said she was ordered to appear before a federal grand jury in Seattle in September.

The raid came just days after Bayside was burglarized on Sunday night.


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  • Chas Holman

    This war on marijuana is starting to remind me of Nam..

    Our Government knows they can’t ‘win’ it.. yet they have all this money and ‘big words’ invested and they are not about to stop hurting and destroying people in the meantime.

    They have no plan.. just small ineffectual attacks and skirmishes on the taxpayers dime.. while the Feds are protecting Mexico’s Cartel interests by ‘desperately’ trying to keep locally grown product out of the area.

  • Joseph James Reiher

    Why doesn’t the DEA work on real crime like coke and heroin dealers instead of being political henchmen for timber and alcohol industry?

  • oahumike

    Disband the DEA. And the CIA, FED, TSA, DHS, NSA, HUD, DOEd, DOEn, DOAg, FBI, EPA, and all the other 3 letter agencies that have usurped power from the states. These agencies represent a loss of liberty and were not intended to exist in the spirit of our founding documents. Get rid of all of it!

    • Deej59

      Yes, get rid of the EPA and see how soon your water and air become too toxic to support life.

      • oahumike

        Yes you are correct. People in the states are just too mindless and incompetent to keep their own air and water clean. What is needed is an extremely powerful federal entity located thousands of miles away dictating to everybody what they can and cannot do.

        • DJ

          actually, people are too mindless and incompetent to keep their own air and water clean… they prove it every day by wasting water on their lawns, driving vehicles that aren’t fuel efficient, illegally dumping their garbage, buying imported rather than local goods, wasting food, etc… most recycling programs see miniscule returns.. waste continues to increase, people insist on using plastics and disposable cups to drink their 6 cups of coffee/day instead of reusable mugs

          it could be far more easily argued that the government should be doing more and implementing far more severe penalties for this destruction of the ecosystem..

          sorry if this offends you, but yes, the vast majority of the public (and even the government for that matter) are far to incompetent to be left in charge of the safe keeping of this planet

          • oahumike

            The “safekeeping of the planet?” So you are implying then that there must be a global controller. Are you one of those Agenda 21 supporters that believes the United States must yield it’s sovereignty (be controlled by an entity other than the Constitution) to a global government environmental agenda run by a bunch of carbon tax scam artists? No thanks, not interested. State governments are MORE THANK CAPABLE of handling the issue. Just like we don’t need Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac controlling the mortgage industry, just like we don’t need the DEA throwing people in prison for getting stoned, just like we don’t need Washington running health care or a giant retirement Ponzi scheme, just like we don’t need the TSA to fly safely, just like we don’t need the IRS holding us at gunpoint so the federal government can finance their scams, just like we don’t need the DHS to keep us safe from terrorists, just like we don’t need an NSA monitoring our every move, just like we don’t need Washington running public schools – WE DO NOT NEED AN EPA TO HAVE CLEAN AIR AND WATER.

    • Robert White

      good! and leave the united nations, disband the aclu, and planned parenthood as well. dshs must go also. all have become corrupt. and the un, can kiss my butt.

  • Scott Tudehope

    I do not understand nor do I agree with this endless “war” on drugs. Orwellian wars do not pay off and only fuel a public and private prison industry, which is really what this is all about. It’s time to change laws on the federal level and allow these business people to help others.

  • redwolf28

    Another government agency debacle at taxpayers expense. States right should trump federal statutes. The DEA and the US Attorney generals office should spend my tax dollars going after real drug lords and their minions.

  • ChooHader

    Cannabis CURES CANCER. The Sickcare Industry cannot allow this plant to destroy their profits. And it’s a threat to Big Oil, chemicals, textiles, Monsanto and much much more.

  • Thisis Insane

    We can change this if we could get people to wake up and start voting Against the crooks and idiots who now hold office. They are the ones responsible for the waste of OUR money, and we must stop this. If the drug testing industry wants to make a butt load of cash, start testing ALL elected officials! Heck, testing the poor because the MIGHT be doing drugs, is one thing, but testing the real crooks in our government is justified, by the amount of payoffs, lies and back scratching that goes on! Just like people on welfare who are on our dime, so, TOO are elected officials! How much MORE hypocrisy from the prohibitionists are we going to swallow? Obama smoked a ton of pot, and because he didn’t get a dime dropped on him, he became the President! Put the DEA on the borders to help Border Protection, if they need to bust those involved with smuggling. Stop crashing thru our doors , shooting our pets, and encouraging the police departments of the country, to do the same! The Police departments are getting out of hand!!!