8th Grader Gun T-Shirt Arrest: Boy Wears NRA T-Shirt
8th Grader Gun T-Shirt Arrest: Boy Wears NRA T-Shirt

8th grader gun t-shirt arrest: An 8th grader was arrested after he argued with his teacher about a National Rifle Association t-shirt he had on. The t-shirt prominently displayed a hunting rifle.

Jared Marcum wore the t-shirt, which also said “Protect Your Right,” to Logan Middle School in West Virginia, prompting a teacher to question the boy about it, reported CBS Washington. The questioning reportedly escalated into an argument and he was suspended and arrested this week.

“I don’t see how anybody would have an issue with a hunting rifle and NRA put on a T-shirt, especially when policy doesn’t forbid it,” Allen Lardieri, Jared’s father, was quoted as saying by the station.

“I never thought it would go this far because honestly I don’t see a problem with this. There shouldn’t be a problem with this,” Marcum told KOWK-TV.

According to its dress policy, Logan Middle School prohibits clothing that includes profanity, violence, and discriminatory messages, according to the station. However, it does not include anything about firearms.

“He did not violate any school policy,” Lardieri said. “He did not become aggressive.”

He was charged with obstruction and disturbing the school’s education process.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Kafantaris/100000398466956 George Kafantaris

    The high-school student had a perfectly good First Amendment right to wear his NRA shirt — but not in school. There the school has a paramount interest in promoting the educational theme it deems wholesome. Excluding images of guns or violence is not unreasonable.

    • David

      Your argument about not wearing the shirt makes sense. They should have left him alone and discussed changing the policy the right way with the school board. People are overstepping their bounds using their emotions and not following propper procedures. This goes from the legislatures right down to the school boards these days. People need to face the fact that guns are in our world, they helped to create our country, they give us security and we have a right to have them! Laws are in place and when people break them, they will be punished. This is the way our soicety works and when you will easily give up your rights that are in the bill fo rights, they all become a target for a group that does not like you having these rights. The problem with giving up rights is that someone in government will eventually take advantage of you not having them. This is human nature and we need to protect ourselves from that happening. You can talk yourself into thinking it will be OK to give up rights, but I will not be a part of giving up my rights for false security. Both sides are wat too far appart and it is unfortunate that instead of fixing the problems, our elected officials just want to take the guns from the good people.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jerry-Mitchell/1409630002 Jerry Mitchell

        It goes from the Federal legislature right down to the school crossing guard and at all levels inbetween. Our politicians/leaders/teachers have forgotten what they are there for and have instigated their own private agendas and not the peoples.

    • http://www.facebook.com/billsworldwideshopping Bill Kniffen

      The teacher was out of line. Perhaps he or she should first read the constitution then go back to school and learn what the words mean.

    • captchaos6919

      So abortion rights t-shirts, Mexican flag t-shirts, gay pride t-shirts, Ozzie Ozbourne t-shirts are ok?

      • Jeffery Brace

        As long as there are no pictures of guns, Yes.

  • rltmd

    The teacher was way out of line. Thank Obama for creating such a huge divide in this country that creates an environment for this to happen for his own political gains.

  • matthew jules

    martial law tested in boston, now thought police … i guess George Orwell was right …

  • Roger Anderson

    The problem here is the father making his son a billboard for his own beliefs. Of course this would be an issue after Newtown whether there is a policy or not.

    • captchaos6919

      So you’re saying political correctness trumps the constitutional right of freedom of speech as well as the right to bear arms right? What’s next, giving up the fourth amendment, unreaqsonable searches and seizures…I guess it’s ok if it involves firearms. Get over it Roger, I’m not responsible for what some psycho does.

      • Cori

        We have given up the 4th amendment, with the Patriot Act. Are you as passionate about that amendment?

  • BillboyBaggins

    Tyranny, coming to a school near you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bryon.farquhar Bryon Farquhar

    Should not mater what the shirt said when did we give up the right to speech

  • Bronx Bound Joe

    I live in a city where they’re trying to tell us what size drink we can buy. If you them take away our simplest rites God only knows what they’ll try to get away with next..

  • S Armstrong

    Teachers could try a simpler approach that is less disruptive to the kid and school. Just have kid wear his T shirt inside out for the rest of day while administration reviews ‘message’ & consults parents & teacher regarding policy considerations & class participation expectations. Might want to keep a few spare ‘school’ T shirts in a drawer or principals office to offer in the event there are more such cases. Otherwise kids may wear controversial garb when they don’t have homework done or plan a skip day.

  • captchaos6919

    Sue the teacher for first amendment rights violation. Sue the school board for not firing the teacher. Sue the cop for arresting him. Sue the police department for allowing the cop to respond to the call. Sue the mayor for hiring an incompetant police chief and sue the city councel for allowing the police chief to be hired. Protest every school board and city councel meeting. Find out where the school board and city councel members work and picket their places of employment. Vote the mayor, city councel members and school board members out of office next election. We’re mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.

  • Dale

    I am sorry for Newton But until recently Connecticut had not gun laws in place so who is at fault for that!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anita-Bailey/100002335096858 Anita Bailey

    As with anything, we have to use common sense and be sensitive to current events. When our children leave the house, shouldn’t we check their attire or teach them how to monitor what they wear? Did the student really have to wear the shirt to school, given all the issues concerning gun control and the recent gun-related tragedies at our schools like Sandy Hook? Then when he defend his right to do so, he is looked upon as being maybe hostile, insubordinate. In return, the teacher, as a school authority, has a right to investigate issues that may be a threat to the school or other students. Obviously, the student didn’t think wearing the shirt would cause a problem. That to me is where the problems lies. He should have exercised better judgement. It is no different then us telling our daughters not to wear skimpy clothes because we know they risk getting unwanted attention.

    And let’s stop blaming President Obama for the gun issue. I just have an issue with people who value a hobby over protecting a life. Passing more or better gun laws should be a no brainer. Really? You can still practice your hobby/occupation, even with changes in the gun laws. The guns laws are meant to weed out those who are not responsible gun owners. So what you have to go through a few more hoops to exercise your right to bear arms, be a hobbyist or work. When you commit to any hobby/occupation expect the requirements to change when you play and work. To me, it’s a given. But what I realize now is that some so called responsible gun owners don’t want authorities to find out that they really haven’t been responsible with their firearms!

  • roadshowrigoletto

    Thank Obama? His political gains? Now that’s funny. Thank the hypocrisy of the NRA that is NOW against background checks when in fact that is a position they used to advocate. Apparently those who prattled on so long about some politician being against something before he was for it missed the opportunity to point out the fraud involved here. Or is it that they didn’t want to point out their own fraud?

  • D.T.

    We should all wear uniforms and do what the government tells us to do.

  • alexander

    “He was charged with obstruction and disturbing the school’s education process.” – I didn’t know that public schools had an “education process.”

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