Police Say People Are Throwing Rocks at Cars on Interstate 35 in Austin, Texas
Police Say People Are Throwing Rocks at Cars on Interstate 35 in Austin, Texas

Police in Austin, Texas, are warning drivers about people throwing rocks at cars on Interstate 35.

A week ago, a woman was driving down I-35 when a rock struck her in the neck after it broke through her windshield.

Tina Morales told Fox San Antonio that she was hit by a rock as her husband, Kevin, was driving down I-35.

According to a 911 call, her friend told the operator: “Somebody threw a rock or something and it hit me in the shoulder. It might have been a rock or a bullet.”

“I think if it wouldn’t have hit [her husband] Frank and slowed down just a little bit on his shoulder I probably wouldn’t be here,” Morales said.

Meanwhile, KHOU-TV reported there have been more than 50 rock-throwing incidents on I-35 between midnight and 5 a.m. since June 2014. The rocks have been thrown at cars from the upper deck of I-35 between Braker Lane and Riverside Drive. No suspect or suspects have been identified, and authorities have no leads.

“Terrifying to have a rock come through your window..can’t imagine it … can’t imagine it,” said driver Jacqueline McClure, according to KHOU.

She said some people try to avoid the lower deck on I-35.

“I would always take the upper deck, I never go down on the lower deck,” said McClure. “And lately when I go North, cause my daughter lives North, I take Lamar.”

It’s become such a serious issue that an ambulance operated by Williamson County EMS was hit by a rock earlier this month, KXAN reported. Officials say the front hood was damaged. Around the same time, an Uber driver was struck by a rock in the same area.

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