Italy Q&A: ‘Are you worried about GMOs in Italy?’
Italy Q&A: ‘Are you worried about GMOs in Italy?’

    Marco Gentile, 18, Student, Bari, Italy: I think it’s OK to create GMOs. As for GMO foods, if they will ever be sold in markets [in Italy], they will be labeled, so whoever wants to eat them will buy them. I know there are some dangers with GMOs concerning human health, but I think they can be solved. The necessary controls and testing are obviously needed, but at the same time don’t we risk the extinction of animal and vegetable species? (Epoch Times)

    Skepticism about ‘scaremongering’ and a confidence in Italy’s laws requiring labeling motivate some Italians to feel at ease about the situation of genetically modified foods in their country. Others are happy to stick to food as nature created it. This is what Epoch Times reporters in Italy discovered when they asked locals:

    Are you worried about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Italy?

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