Cronut Creator Launches New Treat: Frozen S’more
Cronut Creator Launches New Treat: Frozen S’more

    The Frozen S'more, a new product from cronut creator, Dominique Ansel. (Courtesy of Eric Tucker)

    NEW YORK—Chef Dominique Ansel, creator of the hottest pastry on the planet—the cronut—is at it again.

    Capitalizing on the attention his small, eponymous So-Ho bakery has received since May when he launched the donut-croissant hybrid, Ansel introduced his latest creation on Friday: the Frozen S’more.

    Ansel appeared just minutes before the bakery’s opening at 8 a.m. and handed out 10 slips of paper with the description of his latest creation.

    He asked those who got a paper to pick a number between one and 10. Picking number five, I was the lucky winner.

    Inspired by summer campfire’s most popular snack, the Frozen S’more is, “a vanilla custard ice cream core coated with crispy chocolate wafers is then covered with a modified ‘marshmallow,'” according to the description.

    Each Frozen S’more is torched to order. Ansel’s latest treat is presented on an apple-wood smoked willow branch, giving it an authentic fire-side feel. Ansel warned me to eat the treat quickly, and I could see why—it was a race to eat it before it melted off the willow branch.

    Eating the Frozen S’more is a bit messy, but the gooey marshmallow is a perfect complement to the center layers of chocolate and ice cream.

    Being 8 a.m, with no food in my stomach, the sweet treat has sent me on the biggest sugar rush I can remember. Even at $7, I definitely recommend the Frozen S’more—but not before your cronut.