Chinese Regime Again Intrudes Onto Indian Territory
Chinese Regime Again Intrudes Onto Indian Territory

According to a report by Indian broadcaster, IBNlive, on June 17, troops of the People’s Republic of China’s People’s Liberation Army entered the Chumar sector in the Ladakh region of far northeastern India and vandalized bunkers and disconnected the wires of cameras which over-look the Chinese territory.

“We have dealt with the situation earlier and we will handle it again diplomatically. War is not a solution to the incursion,” said Minister of State for Home RPN Singh, according to IBNlive.

In April, the Chinese soldiers had intruded into the same region and set up structures, leading to 21 days of stand-off between the two countries.

According to IBNlive, Chumar is the only region along the disputed border where Chinese troops do not have any direct access to the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The April stand-off was reportedly instigated by the construction of an observation tower in the Chumar sector that the Indian army had to subsequently dismantle before the crisis was resolved. After this, the Indian army installed cameras to monitor the movement of Chinese troops along the LAC.

The IBNlive report mentions that in 2012, the PRC military had dropped some soldiers into this region who dismantled makeshift storage tents belonging to the Indian Army and Indo-Tibetan Border Police.

  • Mohan

    As an ordinary citizen of India, I personally feels that India should change its foreign policy. The day India change its foreign policy, the moment China will put down their weapon at India border.

    • Carlos de Souza

      Mohan : What do you mean “India should change its foreign policy” ? And, why should China “put down their weapon at India border”, if India changes her foreign policy ?

      • Mohan

        Needless to mention that China is in the habit of encroaching others land especially, small countries’ land. In 1962 without any declaration they attacked India. That time India’s defense strength was so weak and without much weapon. This attach was happened immediately after their premier’s meeting with Nehru. It was their planned attack and captured 1/3rd of Indian land. Still they are intruding. Recently they intruded into Bhutan which is a very small country. If India can join the NATO and enter into an agreement with America for security help, then definitely China will put down their weapon against India and I ascertain it without any doubt.

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