Spacewalk Live-Stream Video
Spacewalk Live-Stream Video

At 7a.m. EDT, Tuesday, NASA Television coverage will begin of the 6.5-hour spacewalk as flight engineers at the International Space Station perform maintenance and upgrades. The walk begins at 8:10 a.m. EDT. 

It is the 170th spacewalk at the station. It is the fifth spacewalk for National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA’s) flight engineer Chris Cassidy and the first for engineer Luca Parmitano.  Flight engineer Karen Nyberg will control the 57-foot robotic arm, Canadarm2. Parmitano will ride the Canadarm2 to some worksites. 

The engineers will don their U.S. spacesuits and, alongside maintenance work, replace a failed Ku-band receiver box and route power cables for the new Russian Multipurpose Laboratory Module expected later this year. 

Live Stream of NASA TV, Spacewalk Coverage Starting 7 a.m. EDT


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    Where are all the stars in the videos and pictures? Why can’t astronauts see stars once they get past our atmosphere?

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