George Zimmerman on Trial–July 5 Recap
George Zimmerman on Trial–July 5 Recap

The trial for George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida, continues on for the second week. Zimmerman is on trial over the shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager who was walking back from a convenience store when shot by Zimmerman. 

The shooting, which happened on a rainy night in February 2012, was in self-defense, says Zimmerman. He has been charged with second-degree murder.

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Here’s what’s been happening: 

On June 27, Martin’s friend continued testifying. Prosecutors asserted her testimony was inconsistent.

On July 1, an FBI audio expert testifies.

On July 3, a Judge heard about a criminal justice course Zimmerman took in college.

 We’ll post periodic updates today, and follow along with the live stream.

Also, see the entire case in photos.


  • lynze

    Zimmerman’ claims self defense, yet he stalked this youth because the kid was walking at night. The 911operator told him not to follow but he did anyway. Trey Von may have confronted the person stalking him but in Florida you can stand your ground. You don’t
    have to retreat when being stalked.
    Who sounds like he was looking for trouble, the man with a gun in his hand on crime watch or the kid in a hoodie with a pocket full of skittles?

    • Strangelove

      There’s no indication that he did follow him. What’s more, the 911 operator made a suggestion and not an order that he was bound to follow.

      “Who sounds like he was looking for trouble,”

      After several robberies and home invasions in the neighborhood, prompting a neighborhood watch in the first place, Trayvon. And let’s not forget the sweet prince was high on weed. Add to that a history of fighting and attacking a bus driver, and it seems that he was more inclined toward “trouble”.

      • lynze

        “After several robberies and home invasions in the neighborhood”where the boy lived you and Mr. Z both decide the boy is guilty without evidence or trial. Mr z not only ignored the operator’s suggestions,he ignored the crime watch policy. The indication that he followed Treyvon is that treyvon is dead from a gunshot fired by Mr. Z. The fact that Trey Von had a history of fighting goes to proves he was standing his ground , he just didn’tknow he was in a gunfight. Weed does not cause aggression. Studies prove it has the opposite effect. He was probably too mellow to kick his stalker’s butt which is why he’s dead instead of in jail for assault on Mr z.

        • yeahwhatever

          If someone is following you would you not turn around and ask them “WHAT?” Would you really go hide somewhere and then assault them when they approached? I mean, really… you’d just attack a random person following you? What if the man following him were an undercover cop? He would’ve just attacked an officer? Zimmerman shouldn’t have followed him, but the kid certainly shouldn’t have attacked a stranger. If for ANY reason at ALL; because he had no way of knowing if the man was armed or not. It is unfortunate the kid isn’t alive to simply learn the lesson, but, some mistakes are fatal.

  • JoAnna

    Zimmerman should not even be on trail. The ONLY reason he is the boy was “BLACK” and every black person thinks they r something special just because of there color. Give it up

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