‘Happy 2013th Birthday America’ is Now a Thing on Twitter
‘Happy 2013th Birthday America’ is Now a Thing on Twitter

A number of people have taken to Twitter to wish America a “happy 2013th birthday” on July 4.

The apparent meme appeared to have been started by Internet trolls to show a bit of sarcasm.

“It’s crazy to think that god made america 2013 years ago today. happy 2013th birthday usa!!” wrote one user Emily Cunningham, whose message was retweeted nearly 1,700 times.

Cunningham got some flack from other users, who quickly pointed out that the U.S. is only 237 years old.

“So apparently sarcasm doesn’t translate well over the Internet,” she later wrote.

Other Twitter users posted similar messages but it’s sometimes unclear if they were being serious or not. “I cant believe america 2013 years old today crazy,” wrote one user.

The author of Internet cartoon Cyanide & Happiness described the messages as “no hope for the human race.”

One Twitter user who wrote: “Wow its hard to believe America turns 2013 years old today #happybirthday” later said that “the amount of people who thought I was serious with the birthday tweet showcases American education,” suggesting that the people pointing out that America isn’t 2,013 years old are taking things too seriously.

  • kade6767

    It’s not that we are taking things too seriously
    And it does highlight our education system: we are pointing out that by tweeting this
    You are neither being ironic nor sarcastic but playing right in to the hands of idiots that want you to believe its humorous sarcasm. It’s merely pathetic

  • Bubbubsky

    But here’s the thing….it really is possible to believe that there are people who wouldn’t know this is false. That’s why there’s derision. It’s not a matter of not recognizing sarcasm, it’s a matter of recognizing how stupid a large swatch of our population really is.

  • nobodobodon

    Poe’s Law: Some positions are so extreme (-ly stupid) that a parody is indistinguishable from an honest expression.

  • Jarmo55

    Both of the comments are shit. It just is that recognizing sarcasm from an internet comment is really hard, because you can’t see the expressions of the sarcastic writer.

  • Eugenio Garza Rios

    Cyanide & Happiness: There is hope for humanity, just not for U.S.A. … and… “sarcasm doesn´t translate well over the internet”? nice save!!!

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