Flaming UFO Filmed in Peru (Video)
Flaming UFO Filmed in Peru (Video)

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Fireball UFO Footage Aired by Channel N in Peru


A fireball UFO was seen falling from the sky in Peru, according to footage aired by Peruvian television Channel N on Thursday Aug. 25, which described it as a meteorite that allegedly caused forest fires in the Cusco region.

UFOs with similar appearances have been filmed in other countries, for example in the United States, Mexico, Chile, and Germany, as previously reported by The Epoch Times. To date, there has been no unifying explanation for these sightings.

Although there are minor differences, the general pattern is the same: an object drops rapidly from the sky, leaving a flaming trail behind it

Suggestions range from sunlit airplane contrails to burning comets with trajectories that curve due to air resistance. In this incidence, the UFO did not change trajectory.

The Southwestern Peruvian National Institute of Civil Defense branch said it surveyed local provinces, but “there was no UFO seen on the sky on Thursday,” according to Regional Director Ranolfo Ancí Castañeda as cited by Peru.com.

“What’s true is that there is no damage, there have been no fires or soil perforations of any kind,” he added. “Everything indicates this object continued its march through the universe.”

That same day, after Channel N announced the sighting, journalist Juan Manuel Chara told RPP news that he captured the footage on Aug. 16, and that he had lent it to a friend, not realizing it would be made public.

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