Global Q&A: ‘What’s the best example you’ve seen of cooperation in your community?’

    Deepa Chauhan, 42, Jewelry Consultant, Bangalore, India: July 26, 2005, Mumbai witnessed a cloudburst that brought the city that never sleeps to a standstill for three days. The city was flooded, people were stranded not only at work or home but en route, trying to reach home. ... What touched me most was that people reached out to each other, supported, handed out water and food to complete strangers they would never meet again. The most reassuring part was that not one item of electronics, fashion goods, alcohol, or even food and water was vandalized from abandoned stores and homes. Over 50 percent of the people live in slums and shanties. I'm proud that my city has a soul. (Epoch Times)

    From community togetherness following disasters to widespread volunteer work on a daily basis, people across the world witness great cooperation. Epoch Times reporters from India to Brazil asked locals:

    What’s the best example you’ve seen of cooperation in your community?

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