Guangdong PSB Website Hacked, Cheering Netizens
Guangdong PSB Website Hacked, Cheering Netizens

A message on the hacked website

The slogan “the Chinese Communist Party deserves a terrible death” appeared in large characters on the homepage of the official website of the Public Security Bureau in Heyuan City, Guangdong Province sometime between Aug. 22 and Aug. 27 before the website was taken offline and repaired.

Incidents of Hacking

Before July 1, the website of Nankai University in Tianjin City was hacked. The words “Bring down the Chinese Communist Party!” were inserted in large black characters.

A picture of a tombstone with the name of the Chinese Communist Party engraved on it was posted on the Poverty Alleviation Office website of the State Council on April 12.

On many local governmental websites people were urged to “Bring down the Chinese Communist Party!”

On the website of the Yiyuan County Party School in Shandong Province hackers called on people to “overthrow the Community Party to build a new China!”

April 28, on the website of Huangshan City Bureau of Justice, the slogan: “If the Communist Party is not eliminated, calamities will plague China! Eliminate the Communist Party!” appeared.

On May 5, on official anti-corruption websites, hackers inserted words on the websites in support of Chen Guangcheng, the blind lawyer, and calling for an overthrow of the Communist Party.

“Survival of the Communist Party is against the Law of Heaven!” was posted on a regime website in Baoji City of Shaanxi Province on May 12.

The PSB is usually the agency that monitors and censors the Internet, blocking politically sensitive content and cracking down on dissidents. Netizens were pleased that the boot had been put onto the other foot, albeit briefly, with the attack.

A series of hackings of Chinese regime websites has taken place over the last six months; analysts see it as an expression of resistance toward the Party’s repressive human rights policies, abuses, and incessant censorship.

“Well done. Special thanks to these righteous hackers for their support of ordinary Chinese people,” one netizen wrote after seeing a picture of the hacked website.

Many other Chinese regime websites at different levels have been attacked by anonymous hackers, including with slogans like “Bring down the Communist Party.”

“I did not have a good impression of cyber hackers, but I now have come to realize that they are actually quite nice,” wrote a reader in the comment section of a Chinese Epoch Times article on the topic. “The more the better.”

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