Nazi Essay: Apology From NY School Over Nazi Essay
Nazi Essay: Apology From NY School Over Nazi Essay

Nazi essay apology: A high school in New York apologized when an English teacher asked students to “think like a Nazi” for an essay.

The teacher wanted the students to use “solid rationale from government propaganda to convince me of your loyalty to the Third Reich” as part of a persuasive writing assignment. The teacher also wanted them to “argue that Jews are evil,” reported the Albany Times-Union.

Albany Superintendent Marguerite Vanden Wyngaard said the essay was part of exercises that were intended to help students come up with persuasive arguments.

Students were also asked to read and watch Nazi propaganda to come up with their arguments.

Around a third of the students refused to do the essay, according to The Associated Press.

“I would apologize to our families,” Vanden Wyngaard told the Times-Union. “I don’t believe there was malice or intent to cause any insensitivities to our families of Jewish faith.”

When she heard about it, Vanden Wyngaard said she “thought the assignment was ill-conceived, I thought it was inappropriate, I thought it was an absolute, not only misjudgment just horror I can’t describe it in any other words,” according to

Vanden Wyngaard on Friday told Reuters that the teacher, who was not named, might be reprimanded or fired over the gaffe.

“This assignment for some of our students at Albany High School was completely unacceptable. It displayed a level of insensitivity that we will not tolerate in our school community,” she said.

She added that the teacher has been removed from the class.

“It can go anywhere from a letter of counsel, to a letter of reprimand, all the way through to termination. There is a broad spectrum,” Vanden Wyngaard said in describing the next steps the school might take.

Earlier this year, a Manhattan teacher gave students a word problem about slavery, asking that if “one slave got whipped five times a day. How many times did he get whipped in a month (31 days)?”

  • David Baillie

    If they were talking “hypothetically” about the White race it wouldn’t have been a problem, in fact, we are ALWAYS told it was those damned “Nazis” who were evil and Jewish Hollywood makes film after film glorifying Germans being killed!!!! The fact of the matter is they indeed are evil and have all but destroyed White Western Civilization!!!! It’s about time the White people of the United States and all the other Allies apologize and repay Germany for the horror of death, looting and rape that went on for the sake of the Jews who demanded the destruction of that great White Christian nation!!! NOW!!!

  • sayitaintsobo

    There are situations where tearful apologies and “sensitivity training” simply fall short of what is necessary to ensure that there is no repeat of such an egregious offense.

    This “teacher” should be summarily terminated and their teaching certificates and education degrees legally and permanently associated with that discipline. That individual should NEVER AGAIN be allowed a voice in an American institution of education.

  • Tyrone Jamal

    Really? I’m siding with the teacher in this case anyone who disagrees is racist

    • Lillith Adams

      R U 4 real? LOL…u must be joking…tell me you re joking…if not then our society is in hades

  • Joe Lonzello

    Why not reassign the essay from the point of view of a Palestinian ?

  • Tony Ayala

    This is the new thinking of the ignorant lefties. Making evil good and giving excuses for terrorism.
    My kids are now home schooled.

  • Pete Blackburn

    The media never give enough information to make a true conclusion to what really happened. A first reading I was shocked. I do not agree at all with the atrocities that happened to all the people killed by Hitler in WWII. If this was a lesson on how easily the public can be forced to follow a principle out of fear for ones life but not one that was their own principle. Unfortunately many Germans had to do that during that time. Then it is a vital lesson in history. If it was a person trying to spread hate by being in a position of authority. By all means, punish them. I am not quick to judge based on the knee jerking writing skills of the media without having all the facts at hands.

  • victoryman

    The usual mealy-mouthed crap from the mealy-mouthed “Superintendent.” This shows th level to which “Education” has sunk in our country – along with the “Teaching profession” which today houses the low performing members of the population. “The mealy-mouthed moron-ette masquerading as an “Executive” states, “There is a broad spectrum” of actions that could be taken, “From a letter of counsel (Whatever the hell that means) up to termination.” Bet a steak dinner next to nothing is done. However, I can assure you, that if the teacher assigned the same work using the word MUSLIM instead of Jews, termination would have been instantaneous! The “Superintendent” would be gone also. …………..and the math problem (Given in Manhattan) earlier in the year? Ehy mention it? Can you spell m-o-r-a-l e-q-u-I-v-a-l-e-n-c-y? I’d be interested to find out how many students got the correct answer? They do not mention what grade was asked this question. Knowing something about the government/ unionized schools – and their dismal record in “Educating,” it was probably a sophomore class in college.

  • Random_Commentator

    In Germany, this teacher’s behavior would end up with the teacher in jail; that’s how seriously
    the Germans take their darkest period in history. For the supervisor to say it
    was “worded wrong” is ludicrous. It is an English class! One should not have to
    put oneself in the mindset of a historically abominable culture to get a grade.

    If the assignment is to justify something using Logos, Pathos and Ethos, why
    not justify the argument that Athenians were superior to Spartans, or vice

    Justify or rebuke
    Andersonville, using the atomic bomb, centuries of Catholic/Protestant violence
    in Northern Ireland, the Rape of Nanking – the list is endless. The
    aforementioned examples are pretty strong emotional cases as well, perhaps too
    strong, but if the Albany School District feels a need for a touch of reality,
    there are plenty of weighty, non-fictional subjects available that don’t
    require justification of GENOCIDE.

    The teacher should be made to apologize in person to each of his classes, then
    to the community and then be fired. The superintendent should follow closely
    upon his heels out the door, but the union probably won’t allow that to happen.
    Union educators are supposed to have an agenda.

  • Sean Thomas

    If I was teaching a lesson about propaganda (as it seems this teacher was) how exactly does destroying the US from within play into propaganda? Or the Obama administration? Or abortion?

    The single best example of control by propaganda in recent history is Germany in World War II. He chose the topic he chose because that was one of the centerpieces of Third Reich propaganda.

    A 10th grate high school student is 2 years from being a legal adult. If they are still that impressionable on the verge of legal adulthood, something is very, very wrong. Hint: they clearly aren’t, as apparently a large portion of the class refused to do the assignment. OMG! Students thinking for themselves!

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