Chinese Man Invigorated by 220 Volts of Electricity
Chinese Man Invigorated by 220 Volts of Electricity

An unusual person in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, can light up bulbs by touching 220-volt power lines. When shocked by the generated current, he feels no pain or convulsions, but feels invigorated instead. He is even able to do diathermic massage for people by controlling the voltage.

According to the Beijing Sci-Tech Report Ma Xiangang can fix electrical circuits by using his bare hands; he does not wear any safeguards. He can hold a positive wire in one hand and a negative wire in the other and a bulb will light up.

Since an accident 15 years ago, Ma has been immune to electrical shocks and instead he is invigorated by them.

Ma recalls a day 15 years ago, while he was watching television with his wife, when the television went off after a sudden flash of light. He rushed outside to check the wiring and found a broken, worn-out wire under the eaves. He started to fix the problem, but after pulling at the wire a few times he suddenly discovered the line was alive.

He was perplexed and wondered why, even though the wire was alive, he had no trouble touching it? He made a bold attempt to touch the wire again and this time discovered that he was immune to electricity.

He did not feel any pain or convulsions when he was jolted by the power, instead he felt comfortable. In fact, he enjoyed the sensation and even became addicted to electrical shocks.

As time went on, he found he could control the voltage of the power passing through his body and do diathermic massage, in which high-frequency electrical currents are used to heat deep muscular tissues.

An electrician named Mr. Wang doubted the phenomenon. From his experience, Wang believed it was impossible. He used a voltmeter to thoroughly test whether the voltage on Ma’s body was really 220 volts. The results of the test concluded that Ma was able to bear the 220 volts without any damage to his body.

Ma also underwent a series of tests at the physics laboratory in Haerbin Industry University. These test results showed that his body’s resistance was seven to eight times higher than a normal person’s resistance.