Man Jailed for Firing BB Gun on Motorcade Route
Man Jailed for Firing BB Gun on Motorcade Route

Obama BB gun: A man armed with a BB gun was arrested along President Obama’s motorcade route.

The president was coming back from the University of Hartford to speak about gun control, reported The Hartford Courant.

Joseph Stravinskas, a 27-year-old homeless man, was using the rifle-styled BB gun to shoot at cans in a lightly wooded area in Bloomfield, Conn.

Police Capt. Stephen Hajdasz on Tuesday told the paper that a detective heard a sound in the bushes near where Obama’s route was going. He said that Stravinskas was not cooperative with police and was arrested.

According to the paper, Secret Service agents were concerned enough that they called on the police to tell him to stop.

However, The Associated Press reported that he was pacing back and forth before he pulled out the gun as the motorcade went past and was heading to a local airport.

Police said that he was acting suspiciously and he was taken into custody by force when he pulled out the gun.

The Courant reported that he was charged with breach of peace, threatening, and interfering with police. His bail was set at $15,000.

  • Terry WindWalker Coleman

    Everyone knows that it would take a tank to put a dent in the presidents car. The guy had no idea about the president being there and all he was doing was shooting at cans and the police over react and now they charge a poor guy because it make them look good. It is so presidential to have a homeless guy put in jail for shooting a bb gun at cans. Now he can pass a new law banning bb/pellet guns because he doesn’t seem to be able to pass his gun reform.

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