Global Q&A: ‘Do you think your country does enough for world refugees?’

    Florian Jans, 24, German Teacher, Brookings, South Dakota, United States: No, probably my answer would be no. Because as … one of the most powerful nations in the world, there would definitely be more potential. But that goes for Europe as well, not just the U.S. There are many Western countries that could do more, and probably should do more, for the current ongoing crises. (The Epoch Times)

    Many around the world feel their countries are not as welcoming as they should be to refugees. This is what Epoch Times reporters from United States to Brazil discovered when they asked locals: 

    “Do you think your country does enough for world refugees?”


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    • Don Dressel

      I am so tired of the rest of the world knocking the united states! As far as the world refugees all I see is the united states trying to fix the rest of the world while we fall apart! Let the rest of the world help the refugees and I say pull all our troops out of everywhere and rebuild or country!!!! Besides the world has already forgotten about world war 2 and how many good men we lost over in europe!!!!