UFO Spotted Over Castle in Netherlands
UFO Spotted Over Castle in Netherlands

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An oddly shaped UFO was apparently spotted over a castle in the Netherlands last month, according to a recent report.

The UFO, which has a curved fins and a tubular shape, was photographed by Corinne Federer, who was visiting the castle built near Amsterdam with her mother.

Federer told The Huffington Post that she used High Dynamic Range photography to shoot the castle when she spotted an object in the sky.

“It was a tubular-shaped object that had an S-shaped fin on it. If it had been any type of missile, it would’ve had multiple fins, but facing the same direction. We heard nothing, it was completely quiet out. The more I flipped through the frames, it was kind of creepy,” Federer told the website. “I’ve been shooting for quite some time and I’ve seen other stuff in the news, but I’ve never seen anything [like this] with my own eye.

Federer noted that the UFO had fins on the opposite side, noting the object must have been “going superfast.”

“The most interesting part of that, for me, is those fins are on the opposite side. At first, I thought the fin side must be a tail, but after looking at it from the second image, it almost looked like the fins were (at) the front and it was turning around and coming back into the frame,” she added.

This month, a UFO was spotted flying into a volcano in Mexico.

There have also been several UFO sightings in different parts of Canada, including Prince Edward Island and Vancouver.

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