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Top Five Twitter Tweets by Real Birds

Christian Watjen
Epoch Times Staff
Created: December 3, 2012 Last Updated: December 6, 2012
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These are the most popular Twitter tweets written by real wild birds.

Voldemars Dudums, an artist from a small Latvian town on the coast of the Baltic Sea, decided to give “Twitter back to original twitterers, the birds,” according to his website.

Two winters ago, Dudums—who is a very big fan of birds—started attaching little cubes of unsalted bacon fat to each key on a keyboard.

With the keyboard left outside, but connected to a computer on Twitter, the wild birds were quick to come, unknowingly typing twitter messages while eating, since every peck is recognized as a keystroke.

The birds produced on average 150 twitter messages a day at @hungry_birds.

Even though the birds have been on an extended break since March—the fat helps the birds make it through Latvia’s harsh winters—the account continues to attract fans, now at more than 7,000 followers.

Dudums has now taken over from the birds, posting messages, ranging from tweets advocating for voting on the birds’ behalf for the Webby Award, a prize for the best Internet sites, holiday traveling to Latvia, bird-shaped Lego toys, and the purchase of the Hungry Bird app.

During early November, the birds briefly came back into action captured on a live video stream. For the U.S. presidential election, they took part in a election oracle. The birds were tasked with choosing between fat cubes placed in front of photos of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

According to Dudums, the birds correctly predicted that Obama would win with 6,263 pecks; Romney was a close contender receiving 6,239 pecks.

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