Megaupload Founder Unveils New File-Sharing Site

By Alex Johnston
Epoch Times Staff
Created: November 1, 2012 Last Updated: November 1, 2012
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Kim Dotcom, February 2012. (Michael Bradley/AFP/Getty Images)

Kim Dotcom, February 2012. (Michael Bradley/AFP/Getty Images)

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom unveiled “Mega,” the spiritual successor to his shuttered website, on Thursday.

“We will need 60 state-of-the-art portal servers when the new Mega goes live. One thing is sure: The world wants MEGA!” Dotcom tweeted as the site was being unveiled.

According to the German-born website entrepreneur, “millions of users” were going to the site as it was unveiled early on Thursday.

Dotcom, who was born Kim Schmitz and currently lives in New Zealand, was detained earlier this year and his property was raided by local authorities.

The FBI shut down Megaupload and U.S. prosecutors accused it of violating hundreds of millions of dollars in copyrighted material. For months, whenever the website was accessed, it showed an “anti-piracy warning” and said the site had been seized.

However, the New Zealand government later said that the raid on Dotcom’s rented mansion was unlawful.

Dotcom mocked the FBI who might be viewing his new website.

“All FBI agents pressing reload hahaha….. We see their IP addresses. LOL!!!” he said via his Twitter account.

The Mega website claims to offer a more secure file-sharing service.

“The new Mega encrypts and decrypts your data transparently in your browser, on the fly,” it says, adding that “in the past, securely storing and transferring confidential information required the installation of dedicated software.”

The exact details on the encryption method have not yet been released.

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