Global Q&A: ‘What are your thoughts on the recent elementary school (Sandy Hook) shooting in the United States?’

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Created: January 16, 2013 Last Updated: January 20, 2013
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Sadness and regret for innocent lives lost, and the need for stringent gun laws formed the general responses from the USA to India when Epoch Times reporters asked locals:

What are your thoughts on the recent elementary school (Sandy Hook) shooting in the United States?

Elizabeth Maynard, Ohio, USA (The Epoch Times)

Elizabeth Maynard, Ohio, USA (The Epoch Times)

Ohio, USA

Elizabeth Maynard, 29, Children’s Special Needs Worker

I find it really sad and feel remorse about the entire event, and that someone could wrongfully hurt young children. Our society is in a negative place and it is a challenge for people to stay positive, and be kind to others. The only [way] we can do this is to come together, and not let this tragic event keep us down. Because the more we focus on the negative the more we are giving into it.

Paula Beels, Puerto Montt, Chile (The Epoch Times)

Paula Beels, Puerto Montt, Chile (The Epoch Times)

Puerto Montt, Chile

Paula Beels, 31, Hairstylist

It seems so terrible to me that these horrible things occur to innocent people, but all events no matter how difficult or how ugly these things in life seem, happen for a reason. On the other hand, with regard to the person who committed this despicable act, he is a person who is not well balanced. Also, there is a terrible lack of faith. Nowadays, all human beings are worried about material things instead of spiritual ones and that is a big mistake to me, since you can’t take anything with you when you die and you can just leave good memories to your parents by loving them and being a good person.

Divya V Prabhu, Bangalore, India (The Epoch Times)

Divya V Prabhu, Bangalore, India (The Epoch Times)

Bangalore, India

Divya V Prabhu, 25, Software Engineer

It’s unfortunate that innocent lives are sacrificed. Misuse of guns, provided for self-defense is highly condemnable. It is unnecessary for every individual to own dangerous weapons in the name of self-defense. Instead, security systems for protection of civilians can be strengthened. Stringent law must be introduced and guns should be totally banned.

Keith Cooper, Gold Coast, Australia (The Epoch Times)

Keith Cooper, Gold Coast, Australia (The Epoch Times)

Gold Coast, Australia

Keith Cooper, 75, Retired Airline Pilot

I think they’re all a whole lot of crazies. Their gun mentality just totally eludes me, to be honest with you. I’m glad I don’t live there, put it that way. I think they’ve created a problem themselves. They have this amendment that they talk about, but it dates back to their federation when the arms that they had were single loaded rifles. They didn’t have these automatic weapons that are totally lethal. As I said previously, I think that their mentality just totally eludes me. I can’t make head nor tail of it.

Shrutika Umarji, Cochin, India (The Epoch Times)

Shrutika Umarji, Cochin, India (The Epoch Times)

Cochin, India

Shrutika Umarji, 24, University Law Student

The lack of stringent gun laws is the primary reason for the rise in the shootings in America, especially, the last 30 years. And such freedom in the hands of citizens who do not understand the value of human lives can only be disastrous. The powerful and pro-gun lobby National Rifles Association has been successful in its effort to keep the laws in America, as far as possession of guns is concerned, always diluted. Since it is so easy to legally obtain guns in America, this issue is a global one and merely not reflective of a local problem existing in America alone.

Ricardo Cecon, Itatiba, São Paulo, Brazil (The Epoch Times)

Ricardo Cecon, Itatiba, São Paulo, Brazil (The Epoch Times)

Itatiba, São Paulo, Brazil

Ricardo Cecon, Sales Rep

Access to weapons is easy [in the United States]. Any young person can have access to weapons because that is their culture. [With easy access in Brazil], would weapons change this culture?

Stockholm, Sweden

Lena, Blondel, 68, Translator

First there was the reaction: shock, disbelief, and an immense sadness. Then came the flashing memories of Utoja, and of the two school shootings I experienced in Montreal. The most vivid memories were from the one in 2006, which took place next door to where I then lived: thousand of students streaming into the busy street as panic hit. … And in light of the Sandy Hook shooting, I would like to see legislation limiting or banning the ownership of guns in the U.S. But on a larger and perhaps more remote scale, I would like to see a major arms recycling industry emerge and boom, locally and internationally.

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  • Rocky Fjord

    America is the new Romania. That’s a reference to Alice Miller’s discussion of Nicolae
    Ceausescu in one of her books about cultural brutalization and poisonous pedagogy.
    The government which brutalized Americans in slaughtering three million Vietnamese
    and one million Iraqis [so said Colin Powell at the end of Gulf war I] now would have us believe that mass murder is caused by the instruments of murder. That would be like trying to understand the Holocaust by studying the German Mauser rifle. America brutalized itself in mass slaughter, and that brutalization has incubated. Those chickens have come home to roost. The poisonous pedagogy has disciplined another generation to its ranks. America is no less sick than Bavaria was in the 1930′s when the “true patriots,” which later became the Nazis, were getting underway. America is a sick nation, and gun control alone is absurd. The cause of violence is historical-psychological, and it will continue till this culture collapses as surely as Romania under Ceausescu was utterly destroyed. Like Hitler, he was a product of the poisonous pedagogy, of abuse as a child, and then he abused a nation in recompense. America is by and large the product of the same pedagogy, and it produces people who lash out in violence to have their pain and abuse imposed upon others, just like we imposed our brutality upon the Vietnamese and in Iraq as well. America is become an awful place, with millions imprisoned, drugs rampant, corruption extant, inequalities unparalleled in human history, or so I think. and nothing will change because we will not learn. Read Alice Miller and judge for yourself. She’d written a letter to Pres G.W. Bush about this very concern. He ignored her letter, now can be found on her website. Had he given her letter consideration, the recent shootings may have been averted.


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