EU Presents Draft of Plan to Reduce Transportation Pollution

By Marco T' Hoen
Epoch Times Staff
Created: November 3, 2010 Last Updated: November 3, 2010
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A draft of a European Commission (EC) report on transportation during the coming decade is based on the premise that all the pollution that transportation causes must be paid for by the users. This includes exhaust emissions and noise.

The report also shows plans for a single European transport area with greener infrastructure and technologies, according to Euractiv. The document discusses an expected increase in the economic costs of transportation due to congestion, rising oil prices, and recommends more use of the user-pays principle for the use of the infrastructure.

Besides reduction of emissions by 45-60 percent, the report proposes market-based measures such as fuel taxes, tolls, and emissions-trading direct the costs to the users. The report focuses on cars, the biggest polluter in road transportation emissions. The report also explains that air and maritime transportation, which are far bigger polluters, must be included in any emissions trading plan.

Due to be published in December, the report proposes strategies to create a sustainable future for the transportation industry. Part of the plan is to create a EU-wide transportation system that joins together various modes of transportation, especially transportation based on green technology.


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