Woman Wards Bear off With Well-Aimed Zucchini

By Jack Phillips
Epoch Times Staff
Created: September 24, 2010 Last Updated: September 27, 2010
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Zucchini and bear: In an act of desperation, a Montana woman used a zucchini as a throwing weapon against a bear trying to force its way into her home on Thursday.

The woman accurately threw the blunt vegetable as she scrambled for something—anything—to keep the bear away from her.

She suffered scratches and bruises in the encounter with what she estimated was a 200-pound bruin, the Associated Press reported.

The woman, who was unnamed, lives in French Town, Montana, in the mountains and she noticed the bear as it emerged from the forest and approached her home.

The bear, which was trying to go after her dog, did not respond to her yelling and screaming, the woman said. When it got within reach of her, she kicked at it, to which it responded with a swipe of its claw.

On her kitchen table, the woman noticed the fateful object—a six and a half pound zucchini—and threw it at the bear. It ran off immediately, she said.



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