Vandals Destroy Scout Cookies With Paint, Oil, and Detergent

By Alex Johnston
Epoch Times Staff
Created: March 4, 2013 Last Updated: March 4, 2013
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Vandals destroy Scout cookies: Three teenagers broke into the home of a Washington family and destroyed $2,500 in Girl Scout Cookies.

Vandals broke into a Washington garage and destroyed hundreds of Girl Scout Cookies kept in boxes, and damaged most everything else inside.

Jeff and Dee Brown, the owners of the Monroe, Wa., garage, said they found three teenagers destroying the place on Sunday morning, reported Seattle’s KIRO-TV.

The teens crushed the cookies and poured paint, laundry detergent, and motor oil on them. Dee Brown said she is responsible for around $2,500 worth of the cookies that are meant to raise funds.

“I was shocked. I was heartbroken. It’s something I just don’t understand,” she said.

According to KY-3 television, the vandals damaged 52 cases of cookies in all. They also damaged tools and other items in the garage. Police told the station that the vandals were likely searching for money, but when they could find none, they ransacked the place.

“You know their only shot to go to camp every year is to sell these Girl Scout cookies. So to take that away from them is pretty rough,” her husband said.

Dee Brown woke up when she heard banging around in the garage.

“I woke up because I heard a really loud crash and I thought it was our cats knocking something off the counter downstairs,” she told KOMO-TV.

She said she saw what appeared to be three teenagers due to “the way they were dressed.”

“They obviously came here to destroy something,” she added.

Brown, however, said the vandalism will likely not put a damper on her daughters’ selling the cookies.

“You didn’t get my girls down. They’re still selling cookies, they’re still happy to be selling cookies,” Brown said.

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