Teen Shot in Wrong Home: Teen Entered Neighbor’s House After Drinking

By Jack Phillips
Epoch Times Staff
Created: March 19, 2013 Last Updated: March 21, 2013
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Teen shot wrong home: Over the weekend, a teen was shot entering the wrong home.

A teenager was shot and killed as he tried to enter his neighbor’s home after a night of drinking.

Shawn and Jennea Gordley of Sterling, Virginia, said they do not blame the neighbors for killing their son Caleb, 16, reported The Associated Press.

The father said Caleb snuck out of his house on Saturday to get drunk with friends. When he walked home, Caleb mistakenly went in through the back window of his neighbor’s home.

The teen lived in the house for less than a year and both houses looked the same.

According to the Washington Post, the owner of the home, who was not named, said he heard his alarm go off and grabbed his gun and investigated.

He told police that he ordered the teen to leave and fired a warning shot, but Caleb apparently approached him and he shot and killed him, the paper said.

“They have the exact same staircase as us, the exact same carpet. Caleb clearly thought he was in his own house,” Shawn Gordley told the Post.

Park View High School football coach Ferris Eways said Caleb was a good student and athlete.

“He’s a kid with a smile on his face all day long,” Eways said. “Great kid. Good to his friends, good to his teachers, and behavior-wise an outstanding student. Never ever complained, never ever did anything disobedient.”

A school official told WRC that grief counselors would be available over the death.

“This is freaking us out when we see a lot of cop cars and media are here,” the official said.

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