Stolen iPad Pictures Sent to Back to Man’s iPhone

By Alex Johnston
Epoch Times Staff
Created: March 14, 2013 Last Updated: March 14, 2013
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Stolen iPad pictures: An Arkansas man said that pictures taken with his stolen iPad have provided a “fountain of entertainment.”

A screenshot of Allen Engstrom's Facebook account shows photos of the alleged thief. (Screenshot taken by The Epoch Times)

A screenshot of Allen Engstrom's Facebook account shows photos of the alleged thief. (Screenshot taken by The Epoch Times)

North Little Rock businessman Allen Engstrom is trying to use the photos to track the device down after his iPhone has received a series of pictures from the perpetrators. He lost the iPad when he was on a flight from Phoenix to Denver, reported 9 News television in Colorado.

Some of the photos include a woman staring into the camera, rolling her eyes back or making faces in an apparent attempt to taunt Engstrom.

Engstrom initially believed the iPad was gone for good but one day, he got a strange photo on his iPhone, prompting his son to alert him. 

“He said mommy, who’s this? And of course she said, I have no idea who that is. It showed up on my phone too,” Engstrom told the station. “After a while we figured out what was going on. That’s the person that has my iPad.”

He said that the photos have “been a continuing fountain of entertainment.”

“It’s just like I’ll wake up one day and they’ll be new pictures there and I’m like oh my gosh, she has no idea,” Engstrom said.

Engstrom has posted some of the photos on his Facebook account and on Twitter.

“The wonderful person who snaked my iPad continues to take glamour shots of herself apparently unaware that they are backing up to my iPhone. So naturally I’m blasting them out to the entire world. Enjoy!” he said in a caption for one of the Facebook photos of the woman.

But despite the entertainment, he said that he wants the device back.

“I have no problem with putting it on Facebook, because hey, it’s fun for me and it’s apparently fun for a lot of other people,” he told KTHV in Arkansas. “And there’s always the chance that someone will say hey, I know who that is. And I want my iPad back.”

After posting the woman’s pictures, Engstrom eventually received word that she likely lives in Phoenix. He said that he knows her Instragram name.

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