SF Q&A: ‘What would you like to see more of in the local media?’

Epoch Times Staff Created: November 29, 2012 Last Updated: March 15, 2013
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The Epoch Times asked Bay Area locals what kind of topics they would like to see more of in the local media.

Evan Davis, 22, job seeking, East Bay

cEvan Davis (Christian Watjen/The Epoch Times)

Evan Davis (Christian Watjen/The Epoch Times)

“Maybe I’d want more features and stories about free events around the city. Because a lot of my peers, we’re all kind of broke, and we’re always looking for interesting things that we can go to that don’t break the bank.”

Molly Forester, 18, sales, Lower Nob Hill

Molly Forester (The Epoch Times)

Molly Forester (The Epoch Times)

“Obesity. Because I feel it’s easily ignored, and I think that people should start being more aware and more critical of what they’re eating.”

Kim Reed, 30, reservationist, Oakland

Kim Reed (The Epoch Times)

Kim Reed (The Epoch Times)

“Well, I know that there’s more violence in the city than normal than they tell people for tourist reasons. … They don’t want to detract people from here by saying all the bad things. There are plenty of cases where I’ve never even heard of it on the news, but someone got killed … but you don’t hear about it. I think people should be more aware of the real number of killings and violence, because it’s important.” 

Franklin Grammer, 32, guest service, Oakland

Franklin Grammer (The Epoch Times)

Franklin Grammer (The Epoch Times)

“Well, homeless. I think definitely the homeless. It’s a pretty big problem around here, and taking care of them however we do is a major issue. So I think that’s one thing we need to address as a community.”

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