Secret of Living to 100: Be Female

By Alex Johnston
Epoch Times Staff
Created: December 10, 2012 Last Updated: December 11, 2012
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If you’re seeking to live past the age of 100, you’re chances are much, much greater if you just happen to be a woman.

For every 100 women in the United States who make it to 100, there are only 20.7 men who have done the same, the Census Bureau said in a Monday report, citing data from the 2010 census.

In all, there are 53,364 American centenarians, and that overall figure has increased nearly 6 percent since the 2000 census. However, only around 62.5 percent of them are either 100 or 101 years old, while around 94 percent in total are between the ages of 100 and 104.

“Due to sex differences in mortality over the lifespan, the proportion of females in the population increases with age. This is especially true in the oldest ages, here the percentage female increases sharply,” the census report said.

Bessie Cooper, the oldest woman in the world according to Guinness World Records, lived in a Georgia nursing home until she died at the age of 116 last week.

Now, the oldest person in the world is Dina Manfredini, a 115-year-old woman who currently lives in Des Moines, Iowa. The second oldest is Japan’s Jiroemon Kimura, who is also 115 years old, according to Guinness.

In 2010, those who were 110 or older represented only 0.6 percent of the entire population of centenarians, the data shows.

Furthermore, the report states that “centenarians are less diverse” than the rest of the American population, as the majority, or 82.5 percent, are white.

Centenarians compromise a very small portion of the overall U.S. population, representing less than 2 per 10,000 people, the agency said. 

The men are more likely, or 43.5 percent, to be living with others in a household, while 35.2 percent of women live in a nursing home, the data shows.

By geographic location, the majority (17,444) live in the Southeast United States, followed by the Midwest (13,112), Northeast (12,244), and the West (10,564), but California has the largest number of centenarians by state. The vast majority, or 85.7 percent, live in urban areas.

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