New York Woman Gets $4,800 Ring Back Due to Strangers’ Kindness

By Alex Johnston
Epoch Times Staff
Created: February 21, 2013 Last Updated: February 25, 2013
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A gallery technician at Sotheby's auction house holds an incredibly rare blue diamond. (Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

A gallery technician at Sotheby's auction house holds an incredibly rare blue diamond. (Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

A New York woman thought that all was lost when she apparently dropped her $4,800 engagement ring two months ago while riding the subway, but she got it back recently with the help of several honest strangers.

Hager Elsayed, a teaching assistant, told the New York Post that she believed she lost it back in November and had looked everywhere for the three-carat diamond ring. 

“I felt so bad,” she recalled.

But two months later, while Elsayed was at the Fort Hamilton Parkway N-train station, she recognized the agent. 

“Did anyone by any chance find an engagement ring?” she asked the station agent, who replied that a staff member had recalled finding it.

Anthony Tiralosi, the agent, told her that an elderly Asian woman who spoke no English found the ring near a MetroCard machine and gave it to him. The woman was not identified in the report.

“Beautiful ring. It’s probably around, I don’t know, around $4,800,” Tiralosi told CBS New York. “Probably about 20 years ago, I was in the jewelry business. So, as soon as I saw the ring, I said, ‘Whoever lost this ring is sick.’”

When Elsayed spoke with Tiralosi, “she told me she cried every day,” he told the network.

Elsayed told the Post that her ordeal shows that “there are still good people out there.” And when Tiralosi told his children about the lost ring, he stressed the importance of returning items.

“It was never even a thought,” he told the paper. “I told my kids that night about the ring. I wanted them to know the importance of returning something that didn’t belong to them.”

At the time, Tiralosi said that he did not have the ring, but gave it to the lost-and-found. One week later, Elsayed, who was engaged last May, got it back.

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  • Carlos De Souza

    Its great to know that there still are HONEST people left in this world. Cheers !!


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