Navy Nuclear Submarine, Cruiser Collide

By Jack Phillips
Epoch Times Staff
Created: October 14, 2012 Last Updated: October 18, 2012
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A Navy nuclear submarine and an Aegis cruiser ran into one another during routine training off the U.S. East Coast on Saturday in an undisclosed location, according to a statement from the military.

The two vessels that collided were the USS Montpelier, a submarine launched in 1991, and the USS San Jacinto, a cruiser commissioned in 1988, the statement adds. No one was injured in the incident.

“Overall damage to both ships is being evaluated. The [nuclear] propulsion plant of the submarine was unaffected by this collision. Both ships are currently operating under their own power,” the Navy said, adding that it is under investigation.

Both Navy ships are based in Norfolk, Virginia, but the Navy statement did not say where the collision occurred.

“If we do have an incident that does take place, there are folks that swing into action… to help us make a better, more conclusive explanation of exactly what happened,” Lt. Commander Brian Badura of the Fleet Forces Command told The Associated Press.

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