Marines T-shirt Ban: School Apologizes for Marine T-shirt Ban

By Alex Johnston
Epoch Times Staff
Created: February 27, 2013 Last Updated: February 27, 2013
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Marines T-shirt ban: An Illinois school apologized this week for forcing a student to remove a T-shirt featuring the U.S. Marines on it.

US Marine Sgt. Michelle Hill from the 1st battalion 7th Marines Regiment takes part in a patrol Afghanistan on June 6, 2012. (Adek Berry/AFP/Getty Images)

US Marine Sgt. Michelle Hill from the 1st battalion 7th Marines Regiment takes part in a patrol Afghanistan on June 6, 2012. (Adek Berry/AFP/Getty Images)

The Illinois middle school that forced a 14-year-old boy to take off his U.S. Marines T-shirt issued an apology this week, saying it did not violate the dress code.

Daniel McIntyre, the boy’s father, told Fox News that he questioned the decision handed down by authorities at Genoa-Kingston Middle School.

McIntyre’s son, Michael, was forced to wear his T-shirt inside out after his teacher, Karen Deverel, told him to remove it from sight, citing the dress code of the school. The shirt featured interlocking rifles.

However, in a statement, the school acknowledged that the move was a bit excessive.

“Genoa-Kingston Middle School is well known in the community for their support of our military. The students and staff regularly write letters of support to the troops, and hold patriotic ceremonies for Veteran’s Day and Patriot’s Day,” the statement reads.

With that in mind, the school’s authorities “were disheartened to learn of this matter through the media,” adding that the Marines T-shirt does not violate the dress code of the school.

“We also take school safety very earnestly and it needs to be recognized that is a topic that we also take very seriously and support our students and staff in providing a safe environment to learn, teach and work in on a daily basis,” it continues.

Genoa-Kingston Superintendent Joe Burgess described the incident to Fox.

“Nobody took the next step of asking the principal or making them aware of it,” Burgess said. “The teacher is obviously allowed to question anything they feel might be a violation of dress code, but again, had an administrator been allowed to respond, this could have been taken care of yesterday.”

Some Facebook users were stunned by the school’s decision.

“‘Teaching’ children that inanimate objects are responsible for human action is yet another example of government school indoctrination,” reads one. “When did such crude materialism become the national religion? In the bad old days high schools used to have gun clubs on campus.”

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  • stackedaktor

    Hello, freedom of speech?! I think kids should be allowed to wear whatever they want as long as they aren’t basically naked.

  • Alena Snyder

    You can find the shirt at

  • Tony Garriott

    I believe home school is the answer for 75% of parents in this country today.Our public school system is on the same rails as our federal government,and those rails are aimed straight for ****.

  • the hermit

    it is all these bleeding heart liberal slugs thats ruining this once great nation

  • matt

    some one should teach the teachers

  • matt

    some one should teach the teachers common sense

  • Eddie Jordan

    I remember the ROTC holding classes in our school as early as 1968. They had a shooting range on school property.


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