Hurricane Igor May Reach Category Five

Trio of Storms in Atlantic, Caribbean

By Mary Silver
Epoch Times Staff
Created: September 12, 2010 Last Updated: September 12, 2010
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HURRICANE IGOR: Five day track map issued on Sunday Sept 12. (

HURRICANE IGOR: Five day track map issued on Sunday Sept 12. (

Hurricane Igor is likely to become the 2010 season's strongest hurricane yet, according to the Hurricane Center. By late Sunday afternoon, the storm had sustained winds of 140 miles per hour.

Earl, 2010's strongest hurricane so far, topped out at 145 miles per hour. Igor was still growing stronger on Sunday evening.

Igor is not expected to make landfall in the next couple of days. It may hit Bermuda by the end of the week, or veer northward and threaten the East coast of the United States or Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Accuweather said that travelers along the East coast should pay careful attention to the path of the storm. Dangerous rip currents, high tides, and rough waves may occur along the Atlantic coast.

Tropical Depression 12 has formed off the coast of Africa, and appears likely to become a tropical storm or hurricane by early this week. If it does, it will be named Julia.

In the Caribbean, a third tropical storm is brewing off the coast of Hispaniola. As yet unnamed, it is the most likely of the three systems to menace land in the near future.


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