Gulf Oil Spill Affects Pets

By Mary Silver
Epoch Times Staff
Created: August 2, 2010 Last Updated: August 2, 2010
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ATLANTA—People who have lost income because of the Gulf Oil spill have not been able to afford food and veterinary care for their pets, according to a charitable group. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) said in a statement the number of pets entering animal shelters around the Gulf coast has quadrupled since the April 20 oil spill.

Michael Cathey, executive director of AVMF, stated "Pet-related issues in the Gulf continue to escalate, which is why we called upon our partners to come together to provide relief. Our hope is to ease the pet care challenges families and shelters in the Gulf are facing by providing funding and resources for food and medical care."

AVMF, Science Diet maker Hills’ Pet Nutrition, and Merial, maker of veterinary medicines, are giving money, pet food, and veterinary medical products to clinics in the Gulf area. The purpose is to relieve the hardships of vets who have given free services to their clients during the disaster. The group reimburses vets directly and donates food and supplies for vets to give to their clients.

Mary Bryant, VMD, director, Professional Affairs, Merial, said in a news release, "We're pleased that veterinarians can benefit firsthand from this program and help many of their pet patients."

AVMF is nearly 50 years old, and is the charitable arm of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the national professional organization for veterinarians.



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