Democrats Retain Control in the Senate

Republicans hold House, pick up governors’ seats

By Andrea Hayley
Special to the Epoch Times
Created: November 7, 2012 Last Updated: November 16, 2012
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Elizabeth Warren takes the stage for her acceptance after beating incumbent Senator Scott Brown at the Copley Fairmont, Nov. 6 in Boston. (Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Elizabeth Warren takes the stage for her acceptance after beating incumbent Senator Scott Brown at the Copley Fairmont, Nov. 6 in Boston. (Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Important to President Obama being able to retain a measure of influence in Congress was the Democratic Party’s ability to retain a majority in the Senate, and it did just that on Election Day 2012. 

As of press time, with four seats left to call, Democrats stood at 53 seats, which is just over the required majority of 51 to retain control, according to CBS. Going into the election Democrats held 53 seats. 

Predictably, given the sizable majority it already had, Republicans retained control of the House with well over the 218 seats it needs for a majority. As of press time, Democrats held 168 seats to Republicans 218 seats, according to CBS, with 383 seats called. Just shy of 50 seats were left to be called as of press time.

According to MSNBC, the country will be governed at the state level by a record number of Republican governors, 30, a situation that will likely create an uneasy balance of power between the president and the states as Obama assumes another four-year term governing the nation, MSNBC noted.

Republicans picked up a seat in North Carolina, bringing the total number of Republican governors from 29 to 30, with the win of Pat McCrory (R) over Walter Dalton (D), according to CNN. Close races in Montana and Washington were both running in favor of the Democrats as of press time, according to CNN.

Democrats picked up ground in Massachusetts with Democrat Elizabeth Warren’s win over Republican incumbent Scott Brown in an expensive race that experienced what was likely a record voter turnout across the state, according to the Washington Post. 

Incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown was also the projected winner in Ohio in a hard-fought race against state treasurer Josh Mandel, according to CNN.

Nebraska turned red in the defeat of former Gov. Bob Kerry (D) by rancher and state legislator Deb Fischer (R). 

As of press time, the states of Wisconsin and Nevada were both too close to call, but Democrats Tammy Baldwin and Shelly Berkley were both ahead by a few points with well over 50 percent of the votes in, according to CNN. 

According to Rasmussen reports, Republicans and Democrats generally hold an equal number of safe seats in the Senate, at 43, leaving 14 seats in play. Last night 17 seats were seen as safe Democratic seats, 9 safe Republican, and 7 seats a toss-up. 

Of the toss-up seats, as of press time, Democrats were projected to win in five of those races, and held leads in Montana and Wisconsin, according to CNN. 

Toss-Up Race Results

In Florida, incumbent Bill Nelson (D) was projected to win 55 percent over Republican challenger Connie Mack, polling at 42 percent with 88 percent of the votes in. 

In Indiana Joe Donnelly (D) was projected to win over Richard Mourdock (R) 50 percent to 44 percent, with 89 percent of the votes in.

In Montana, incumbent Democrat Jon Tester was ahead 54 percent to 41 percent against challenger Denny Rehberg (R) with 16 percent of the votes in.

In Pennsylvania incumbent Democrat Bob Casey is projected to win 54 percent to 44 percent over Tom Smith (R) with 83 percent of the votes in.

In the Virginia Senate race Democrat Tim Kaine is the projected winner over George Allen (R) 51 percent to 49 percent with 85 percent of the vote in.

In Wisconsin, Democrat Tammy Baldwin has a narrow lead over Tommy Thompson (R) 50 percent to 47 percent with an estimated 56 percent of the votes in.

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