Cops Kill Teen Gunman Pointing Loaded .357 in Brooklyn

By Alex Johnston
Epoch Times Staff
Created: March 10, 2013 Last Updated: March 10, 2013
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Cops kill teen gunman: A Brooklyn teen gunman was shot and killed by undercover cops after he pointed a loaded .357-revolver at them on Saturday night.

Officers with New York City Police Department shot and killed a 16-year-old boy after he pointed a gun at them on Saturday.

Police said Kimani Gray pulled out a loaded .357-magnum revolver in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, reported the New York Post. The pistol had four bullets in the chamber.

Gray was standing with five other friends in front of his home when two undercover officers saw him, and he broke away from his friends and walked off.

When the two cops approached him, Gray pulled out pistol and turned toward them. The move prompted the officers to fire several rounds at the teen before he was rushed to a local hospital. He was later pronounced dead.

Devonte Brown, his friend, told the Post that Gray “was screaming, ‘Stop! I’m not running,” while the officers opened fire on him. Gray did not fire a shot at the officers, the New York Daily News reported.

Sources with the NYPD told the Post that one of the officers involved in the incident was a sergeant.

“It’s going to drive the whole family crazy,” the boy’s cousin, Malike Vernon, 19, told the Daily News. “He’s the type of person who is fun to be around. He’s the type who always gave you positive vibes.”

He added: “If I was there maybe I could have saved his life. I could have told him to get rid of” the pistol.

Police sources told the Daily News that Gray had four prior arrests, including charges for possession of stolen property, grand larceny, and inciting a riot.

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  • DonnyD23

    Are the parents going to say it was really only skittles and ice tea?

  • slim

    This kid was a trouble maker…Not saying he deserves it but he terrorized that neighborhood…Bullied ppl and had a gun @ age 16!!! Where were his parents? It starts @ HOME!!!! Train your kids!


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