Cape Cod Reporter Faked Dozens of Stories

By Jack Phillips
Epoch Times Staff
Created: December 5, 2012 Last Updated: December 5, 2012
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A reporter working for the Cape Cod Times in Massachusetts fabricated dozens of stories over the course of a decade about people who never existed, the newspaper’s editor said Wednesday.

The Times identified the reporter as Karen Jeffrey, 59, who worked with the publication for more than 30 years. She no longer works there.

“In an audit of her work, Times editors have been unable to find 69 people in 34 stories since 1998, when we began archiving stories electronically,” the paper’s editor and publisher said in a joint statement. The two apologized to their readers.

“The stories with suspect sourcing were typically lighter fare—a story on young voters, a story on getting ready for a hurricane, a story on the Red Sox home opener—where some or all of the people quoted cannot be located,” they added.

Earlier this year, a reporter from New Canaan, Conn., was found to have made up sources for 25 stories, and a reporter from the Chicago Sun-Times Media fabricated quotes and sources for photo essays, according to the Poynter Institute.

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