Review: To the Moon

By Corey Philipp Created: December 27, 2011 Last Updated: December 27, 2011
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A scene from the new PC game, To the Moon. (Freebird Games)

A scene from the new PC game, To the Moon. (Freebird Games)

The novice difficulty level and lack of traditional gameplay may deter some from this game, but “To the Moon” was not intended to be the every day game. The goal of “To The Moon” is to completely immerse players in what has to be one of the most well-written stories that can be classified as a video game.

An original approach

“To The Moon” is far different from any other game I have played before, but that’s a good thing.

There aren’t exactly any defining gameplay elements that classify the game in any particular genre. I wasn’t faced with boss fights or villains, nor did I have to liberate an entire fantasy world from an evil presence. Yet, what I did have to do was save an extraordinary man from his painful past, and in the process of doing so, I had the pleasure to experience an emotional masterpiece that defines what story telling should be.

In “To The Moon,” I didn’t play a game—I played a story that captures the fascinating life of an elderly man and I had the privilege to relive all the joy, trials, and tragedies that were hidden deep within his memories.

While breaking the traditional gameplay experience, “To The Moon” took an innovative and original approach to story telling that is incomparable to any other game.

In its roughly four hours from start to finish, “To The Moon” is a short but sweet game that is well deserving of a standing ovation. I highly recommend giving this game a go, as it is well worth the $11.99.

I applaud Freebird Games for creating a poetic journey that took an impressive leap away from the ordinary, and crafted a game revolving around an epic story of a human life that reminded us that “The ending isn’t any more important than the moments leading up to it.”

Corey Philipp is a writer based in San Diego.


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