EV Cup: Electric Racing Is Here

By Chris Jasurek
Epoch Times Staff
Created: February 25, 2011 Last Updated: March 2, 2011
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EV Cup is the world's first electric car racing series, held on real race tracks, where going fastest is what matters. (Courtesy EV Cup)

EV Cup is the world's first electric car racing series, held on real race tracks, where going fastest is what matters. (Courtesy EV Cup)

Race fans with green tinge have long had to sacrifice one love for another: either embrace environmentalism and denounce the purely resource-wasting auto racing world, or enjoy the sport and accept that it burned through fuel, tires, and other resources for the sake of entertainment.

EV Cup solves the dilemma.

EV Cup is the world’s first racing series using zero-emissions vehicles on real race tracks. This is a proper racing series, where fans can watch cars trying to be fastest and first across the line. Unlike many eco-race events where the focus is on going farthest while using the least, EV Cup is about going fastest.

EV Cup is also about proving that sustainable, eco-friendly motorsport is not a contradiction in terms.

“Green motor sport is a reality,” says EV Cup Director Sylvain Filippi on the series’ website.

“The electric car is already changing the world and soon will begin to revolutionize the face of traditional motor-sport across the world by embracing the issues of the day, from straightforward zero emissions, to eco-friendly cars, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.”

Because EV Cup offers the excitement of racing along with the appeal of zero emissions, Filippi feels the series will attract the attention of automakers, just as fossil-fueled racing does.

“We believe the commercial world will take notice when they begin to recognize a new opportunity to partner with a new and exciting sporting event like the EV Cup and add significantly to their sustainability credentials,” Filippi said.

“We are creating an opportunity for the EV manufacturers and suppliers to promote their technologies in a new and exciting way.”

Besides being the world’s first all-electric race series, EV Cup is the first eco-racing project to consider the commercial aspects of the sport, and how to use those aspects for the good of the series and the environment.

“The EV Cup is a ground-breaking concept that creates unique marketing and sponsorship opportunities for major brand advertisers, through social responsibility programs and other marketing initiatives,” said Peter Kenyon of CAA Sports, EV Cup’s promotional partner.

“We look forward to utilizing our resources across the globe in sports and entertainment to help build the EV Cup into a premier racing series and valuable advertising platform.”

The Think City racer in action at England's famous Brands Hatch circuit. (Courtesy EV Cup)

The Think City racer in action at England's famous Brands Hatch circuit. (Courtesy EV Cup)

By combining racing’s popularity of with zero-emissions technology into a commercially-promotable package, EV cup hopes to encourage the auto industry to increase investment in environmentally friendly vehicles and production practices. EV Cup offers manufacturers a platform for promoting their “green” programs in a more exciting package.

Former Formula One British champion Damon Hill supports the EV Cup. “Racing electric vehicles should convince the wider public of their potential,” he said in an EV Cup press release.

“Racing was initially used to develop and prove a new product called the motor car. I see no reason why electric vehicle development will not benefit in the same way. Who knows what is ultimately possible?”

Seven Races, Three Classes

EV Cup is starting its first race season in 2011, with an event at the famous Silverstone Circuit on Aug. 6. Three more races in England are confirmed at Snetterton, Rockingham, and Brands Hatch, followed by rounds planned for Spain, Portugal, and possibly a race in the United States.

EV Cup events will feature racing in three classes: City EV class, Sports EV, and the unlimited Protoype EV class. City EV and Sports EV are single-make classes featuring head-to-head action, while the Prototype EV class will showcase one-offs and experimental vehicles competing against the clock.

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