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By Harvey Frommer Created: November 8, 2012 Last Updated: November 8, 2012
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Wayne Gretzky is most recently profiled in "The Great One". (Rick Stewart/Stringer/Getty Images)

Wayne Gretzky is most recently profiled in "The Great One". (Rick Stewart/Stringer/Getty Images)

All kinds of intriguing sports books are now out for all to enjoy from Random House, Canada. They range from picture tomes, to biographies, to how-to, to commemorative editions. Something for everyone.

Stephen Brunt’s “100 Grey Cups” (McClelland & Stewart, 256 pages $45.00) is a coffee table gem about Canada’s largest annual single sporting event. All the legendary teams from Canada’s storied football past are showcased in words and pictures.

“Team Canada 1972” as told by the players with Andrew Podnieks ($45.00, 293 pages) is another coffee table gem -- - the 40th anniversary celebration of the Summit Series in words and pictures.

Famed Barry Melrose offers “Dropping the Gloves” ( Fenn/M&S, $27.99, 256 pages). The book is a sharing of Melrose’s many years of on-ice experience. Lots of insights.

“The Great One” offers up the complete Wayne Gretzky as seen through Sports Illustrated writings (Fenn/M&S, $22.99, 336 pages).

Paul Henderson weighs in with “The Goal of My Life” (Fenn/M&S, $29.99, 304 pages). The memoir covers his two decades in hockey and more.

For those in a NASCAR frame of mind there is “The Official NASCAR Trivia Book” by John C. Farrell (Fenn/M&S, $16.99, 448 pages) and also “NASCAR Nation” by Chris Myers with Michael Levin (Fenn/M&S, $24.99, 240 pages. The former is a mighty lode of challenging trivia while the book
by Chris Myers is all about how racing values simulate and mirror America’s.

“Coach: The Pat Burns Story” by Rosie DiManno (Doubleday Canada, $27.95, 336 pages) is a page turning terrific tome about one of the great NHL coaches. All kinds of personal insights into the complex coach abound.

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