Hong Kong Domestic Rugby: Altus Kowloon Takes a Big Scalp in First Match

By David Bryceson
Epoch Times Staff
Created: October 9, 2010 Last Updated: October 10, 2010
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A New Edge player couldnt escape Gesindes clutches. (Terence Tomlinson/Epoch Times Staff)

A New Edge player couldnt escape Gesindes clutches. (Terence Tomlinson/Epoch Times Staff)

The Altus Kowloon Rugby Football Club faced last season’s premiership team, Newedge HKFC, in its first hit-out of the 2010/11 season at home turf on Oct. 2.

Eniola Gesinde, the Altus Kowloon captain, believes his team will be “in amongst it” at the end of the season. He spoke exclusively to The Epoch Times immediately after defeating reigning Grand Champs Newedge Hong Kong Football Club, 19:13.

“We just grow, grow and grow each year. This year we are feeling quite confident that we are going to do very well, very well,” said the 28-year-old, who lived in Newcastle in the North of England for seven years but went to school in Leeds, Yorkshire, in the UK.

The Match

Altus Kowloon defeated New Edge twice last year and their start to this season could only have been better had they collected a bonus point. Gesinde said that the team’s upsides stem from “phenomenal” tackling and defence.

“Absolutely phenomenal! From Mark Goosen, Alex Harris, big hits from David Tait, our new import from the UK. Generally across the board, from 1 to 15, we were fantastic. Tackling was just phenomenal.

“We worked hard in training procedures,” a still puffed Eni said, “… we did a lot of hard work in defence. But when we had the ball we tried to have a go at them; really, really batter them."

A feature of Altus Kowloon’s play on Saturday Oct. 2 was hard work and its ability to steal the ball from Newedge.

“We worked hard. We had to work hard to make sure we attacked it and gave them scrappy ball, scrappy ball for the whole game,” Gesinde said.

“We knew they’d bring a whole new level of attacking rugby. They’re physical, they were aggressive and we had to match it with all 1 to 15. They came with everything they had and threw the kitchen sink at us. We had to be equally as good and give right back at ‘em,” said Eni in his rapid-fire breathlessness.

“They were strong as well [Newedge]. They came out at us so we had to have a go at them. We had to make sure that they weren’t the dominant team, and we had to have a go. We had some good drives ourselves – 10minute drives with mauls, put them on their heels.”

“The final score, I think it was 19:12 or 19:13. It was 19:6 during the second half. Last minute of the game we let them off a little bit and they scored and got it through the two sticks for the extra 2 points.”

The Season

Gesinde has very clear goals for this season and is “quietly confident” that, come the 2010–11 G4S Domestic League finals in February, his team will be there.

“Just to be in and amongst it at the end of the season. To really, really be amongst it. To be consistent every game. To make our defence the stalwart of our team. And make sure Kowloon are no a longer push over. We’re not just a social club, we’re a competitive club. The team spirit, the bond, the inspiration, the determination that comes is fantastic.

“We’ll just do our best and see how far we get this year.”

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