Family from China: ‘I really hope this show can perform in China’

Epoch Times Staff
Created: April 10, 2013 Last Updated: April 10, 2013
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Suseong Artpia, in Daegu, South Korea. (The Epoch Times)

Suseong Artpia, in Daegu, South Korea. (The Epoch Times)

DAEGU, South Korea—On the afternoon of April 6, Shen Yun Performing Arts Touring Company performed their second show at a theater in Daegu. Mr. Cheng (a pseudonym) with other two family members made a special trip from China to South Korea to see Shen Yun. Mr. Cheng believes that Shen Yun not only presented orthodox Chinese culture, but the meaning of the programs also can lead people to truly believe in the gods.

He said sincerely, “In fact, we all know that it is difficult to see genuine Chinese culture in mainland China. Through this show, we believe we can see the return of classical Chinese culture. We can see authentic Chinese culture here. So I really hope this show can perform in China. I really hope so because we never see a show like this in China.”

“We don’t have such elegant dancing [in China]. Even in dance, what [the dancers] reflect is a sort of battling, a conflict between people.” Mr. Cheng explained, “Dancers always look like they are competing for who dances better. The movements represented under such kind of battling [mentality] are fierce and violent. However, everyone here performed very gracefully and elegantly. The show is fabulous.”

He said what impressed him most was the program that showed the persecution currently going on in China today: the persecution of a meditation practice called Falun Gong. He cried when he saw the dance depicting this persecution: “Because I [come from] China, I know it’s really difficult for the Chinese people to uphold justice like that under such a sinister environment.”

“It is very difficult to stand up for good people. People are often too scared to do so because after standing up for someone, what you face is losing everything belonging to you; you may lose all your property and even your life. Therefore, no one dares to say a word on behalf of Falun Gong.”

He said, “Because I live in China, I have witnessed the entire incident. It is just like this (the dance program). The persecution is still continuing today. I hope that the conscience of people, including the Chinese people and all people in the world, can be awakened, and they can really speak up for Falun Gong.”

After seeing Shen Yun, many Chinese people living overseas said that they are proud of their Chinese heritage. Mr. Cheng also thinks so, saying, “I feel that it is indeed a return to traditional culture. You cannot see this kind of performance in China; actually, you could say that it is entirely unimaginable [to see such a performance in China].

“I think that what Shen Yun presents to the people is the return to traditional Chinese culture. In addition, it encourages people to believe in the gods. … If people in China do not have any beliefs, they can do any kind of evil, even murder. What [China] really needs is a belief that will awaken people. This is my understanding.”

“The creation of the backdrop is astounding, and it makes me feel great awe towards the gods and buddhas. In particular, at the show’s beginning and also the ending, they showed us everything, including the universe, completely from the perspective of the gods and buddhas. It is just shocking and magnificent!”

About the emotions evoked by the song sung by the soprano, Jiang Min, he said, “I feel that it was calling to people’s consciences to return to our true and compassionate natures.”

Shen Yun’s three companies tour and perform around the world and receive enthusiastic responses from millions of viewers. Mr. Cheng believes Shen Yun has a great influence around the world.

Mr. Cheng’s son also expressed his feelings after seeing Shen Yun, “I had never seen such a performance. I feel that they danced wholeheartedly to bring the beauty, compassion, and conscience from within themselves to the audience. I think that this kind of beauty is hard to find in mainland China, and this presentation of dance does not exist there…. [Shen Yun] gives people a feeling of returning to nature, and human’s original and true nature.”

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Reporting by Dai Deman and Irene Luo

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