Dancer Teacher Awed by Shen Yun’s Talent: ‘They’re so perfect, so clean’

Epoch Times Staff
Created: February 8, 2013 Last Updated: March 29, 2013
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Aronoff Center for the Arts. (The Epoch Times)

Aronoff Center for the Arts. (The Epoch Times)

CINCINNATI—Dance instructor and choreographer Fran Bailey attended Shen Yun Performing Arts at Aronoff Center on Friday and said the performance was so flawless she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Technically the [dancers] are really, really proficient—so much so that it’s like you’re not sure what you’re seeing because it’s so perfect,” she said. “It’s so clean, there is not a ripple.”

Ms. Bailey is a lifelong dancer and studied ballet and modern dance. She also teaches meditation and is an energy healer at Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine. Ms. Bailey attended Shen Yun performance of classical Chinese dance and music with her husband on Feb. 8.

She was struck by the pure and positive energy exuded by the Shen Yun dancers. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, artists must first cultivate their character and inner self before they can present true beauty to their audience.

“It’s a different energy from what Americans are used to seeing. It brings a different energy because it’s so clean,” she said. “It’s delightful.”

“The energy is contained in a perfect picture, but they are technically just amazing.”

New York-based Shen Yun is a world-renowned classical Chinese dance and music company. Formed in 2006 by overseas Chinese artists, the company aims to revive 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture through story-based dance, according to the company’s website.

“All of them have a performance quality and the ones who were in front and center were brilliant and chosen correctly for these different pieces,” she said. “It’s just so perfect. It’s really, really amazing,” Ms. Bailey said.

Ms. Bailey said the dancers were brilliant and portrayed their characters beautifully.

In addition to classical Chinese and ethnic or folk dance, Shen Yun also features digitally animated backdrops, a philharmonic orchestra incorporating traditional Chinese instruments, vocal soloists and hundreds of handmade costumes and props.

She also appreciated Shen Yun’s digitally animated backdrops, which add context and color to the story-based dances, and interact seamlessly with the performers.

According to the Shen Yun website, the backdrops act as an extension of the stage and are inspired by 5,000 years of Chinese history, reflecting the country’s “multifaceted geography, society, regions, and dynasties.”

“I like the transitions of the backdrop—its wonderful, really, really beautiful,” said Ms. Bailey.

“The backdrops are as grand as they are intricate,” explains the Shen Yun website. “So remarkably true-to-life, they allow you to forget where you are, and journey to another place and time.”

Reporting by Valerie Avore and Justina Wheale.

New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts has three touring companies that perform simultaneously around the world. The International Company is performing in Cincinnati at the Aronoff Center for the Arts, Feb. 7 and Feb. 8. Its next stop is Columbus, Ohio. For more information, visit

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