Watch Live Stream of Asteroid DA14 Flying by Earth

By Jack Phillips
Epoch Times Staff
Created: February 15, 2013 Last Updated: February 19, 2013
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Asteroid DA14 is slated to pass by the Earth on Friday—coming within 17,200 miles of our planet—and the probably best way to watch the event is to stay here and watch NASA’s live feed of it.

Scientists with the U.S. space agency have already said that the asteroid, which is around 150 feet in diameter, is one of the largest objects to pass this close to the Earth since record-keeping began. Don Yeomans, with the NASA Near Earth Object Program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, described it as a “record-setting close approach.”

At 17,000 miles, the asteroid will fly-by closer to the Earth than some satellites, although scientists have said that it will likely not hit them. NASA also has stressed multiple times that the asteroid poses no threat to Earth.

NASA experts have said that the asteroid will approach closest at 2:24 p.m. EST as the object is passing above the eastern Indian Ocean off of the island of Sumatra at around 17,450 miles per hour.

“The asteroid’s orbit around the sun is roughly similar to that of Earth, and it makes relatively close approaches to our planet’s orbit twice per orbit. But, the 2013 flyby is by far the closest the asteroid will approach our planet for many decades,” said NASA in a release.

The next closest approach to Earth will be on Feb. 15, 2046, when the asteroid will come within 620,000 miles of our planet.

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