High-Speed UFO Filmed in Minnesota (Video)

Epoch Times Staff
Created: July 23, 2011 Last Updated: February 14, 2012
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Small Fast UFO Filmed in Minneapolis on July 11


A small, bright white flying object was filmed over Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 11, according to a video posted on YouTube.

The YouTube user provides real-time footage of the rapidly moving object, which he manages to capture on his camcorder for about eight seconds.

The UFO is irregular in shape, and one commenter says it is just a plastic bag, but slow motion footage reveals it to have a distinct form and the speed of movement is too fast and directed for it to be a bag blowing in the wind.

Interestingly, when viewed in slow motion, some other UFOs become apparent on the screen.

Multiple white objects, much smaller than the main UFO, fly across its trajectory, accompanied by a short buzzing sound that sounds a bit like a cicada.

Another YouTube user commented that they had seen something remarkably similar on the evening of July 13 in Quebec, Canada: “There were two objects flying in tandem, very similar in size and behaviour to the large one in your video.”

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