Full Moon in February to Appear Tonight

By Alex Johnston
Epoch Times Staff
Created: February 25, 2013 Last Updated: February 25, 2013
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The February full moon in North America slated to appear at night on Feb. 25 is traditionally called the “snow moon,” referring to the cold temperatures and snow on the ground.

Today’s full moon will start at 3:26 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, but the entire full moon will not be easily visible until 6:26 p.m.

The February full moon has also been described as the “famine moon” or the “full hunger moon,” which are in reference to the relative food scarcity during the winter months. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, some Native American tribes endured harsh weather conditions in February, making hunting more difficult.

For many who live in cities, it might be difficult to catch tonight’s full moon. One of the best possible views of it is found at the Slooh Space Camera, which will stream shots from the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa.  

“Using our observatory in the Canary Islands, we will explore the Full Snow Moon, sometimes known as the Hunger Moon, with fascinating stories by astronomer Bob Berman,” Slooh President Patrick Paolucci told the website Space

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