Bloated ‘Monster’ Washes Up in New York

By Belinda McCallum
Epoch Times Staff
Created: July 27, 2012 Last Updated: August 1, 2012
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The swollen carcass of a hairless as yet unidentified animal was discovered under the Brooklyn Bridge last weekend.

The creature has ears and skin like a pig, but instead of hooves, it has claws like a dog or rat. It is about 60 cm (2 feet) long from head to tail.

Local resident Denise Ginley came across the dead creature while walking to a farmers’ market, and later took some photos.

“Is this another incarnation of the Montauk Monster, or just the biggest rat in the city?” Ginley said, according to ninemsn, referring to a strange animal that washed up in northeast New York four years ago and was the subject of much controversy.

“Several other people were looking and taking photos, and everyone had a different opinion about what it was (suggestions included giant rat, dog, pig, monster, and seal),” Ginley added.

“Obviously I thought it was gross, but it was just so strange looking I wanted to get closer … strangely enough, it did not smell, maybe because it had been in the water so long.”

The New York City Parks Department described it as a “discarded cooked pig,” the New York Daily News reported Thursday.

However, Ginley pointed out that the animal did not have trotters.

“My best guess would be that this is some sort of raccoon or giant rodent,” she said, according to UPI.

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  • Angel

    Thats what the radiation from Japan along with the Oil Spills does to nature.

    • Don Fox

      Yes, it was a newborn Godzilla, kileed by radiation. ;-)

  • rjs0

    newborn hippo washed out to sea…

    • Don Fox

      Sorry, no claws on a hippo.

  • evodevo

    If the teeth are still in the jaws, will take about a minute for any zoologist to identify it. Monster???? Please !!!! Give me a break..

  • Donatello

    Our genetic engineers are hard at work


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