Assistant Director Learns of Chinese Spirituality Through Shen Yun

May 12, 2013, 12:49 am
“The stories going back five thousand years and coming up to today—from the traditions of China,” Mr. Michael Nolan said. “It’s magnificent."

Shen Yun in Madison ‘It’s a spiritual uplift,’ Says Surgeon

May 8, 2013, 1:05 am
"It’s a very, very spiritual show. It's based upon, as [it is said] in the [program] book, divine blessing, just like in the opening. It's very beautiful. I wouldn't miss this."

Retired CEO Praises Shen Yun’s Traditional Values

April 25, 2013, 12:56 am
“It’s out of this world,” Mr. Roger Lancaster said.

Former Drama Instructor: Shen Yun Brings The Message

April 16, 2013, 9:02 pm
Mr. Hoag took special notice of the spirit of the performers. "There seemed to be a sense of truth in it as well coming from them."


Ethiopia’s Quest for Deeper Water (+Photos)

The hunt for water is a daily ritual of necessity in the Somali Region of Ethiopia. Exacerbated by climate change, on the brink of an emergency, the quest becomes more urgent.

Kenyan Supreme Court Upholds Election Results

Kenya’s Supreme Court upheld the election of Uhuru Kenyatta as the country’s next president, March 30. The loser accepted the verdict, marking the end of a tense election [...]

Asia Pacific

Embassies Warned: N. Korea Can’t Guarantee Safety of Diplomats

Embassies warned: North Korea on Friday warned foreign embassies in Pyongyang, saying it cannot ensure the safety of diplomatic workers. It suggested that countries should [...]

North Korea Hacked: Gov’t Twitter Account Compromised

North Korea hacked: Amid tensions on the Korean Peninsula, hackers likely breached two of North Korea’s government Twitter and Flickr accounts.


Drum and Bass ‘DUI’ Gets UK Man Fine, Community Service

Drum and bass DUI: A U.K. man was arrested for driving “high” on drum and bass.

Joss Stone Murder Plot Suspects Convicted

Joss Stone murder plot: A U.K. jury convicted two men who hatched a murder plot against singer Joss Stone.


Two Marines Caught in Indian–Italian Tug of War

A diplomatic tug of war between India and Italy has two Italian marines in the middle. Having accidentally killed two fishermen, mistaking them for pirates, the sailors face [...]

‘Gate to Hell’ Found in Turkey, 3 Other ‘Gates of Hell’ Locations (+Videos)

Gate to Hell found: Scientists recently found a cave known as the “gate to hell” in ancient Greco-Roman mythology. At least three other places in the world are known by [...]

Middle East

EU: Nuclear Talks with Iran Have Failed

Iran and six world powers failed to reach agreement Saturday on an approach to reducing fears that Tehran might use its nuclear technology to make weapons, with the EU’s [...]

Sentenced to Paralysis: Saudi Man Could be Paralyzed for Stabbing

Sentenced to paralysis: A Saudi man was sentenced to paralysis for a stabbing crime committed a decade ago, which was condemned by rights groups and Western governments.

North America

2 Dead at Day Care; 53 Children Not Hurt

2 dead at day care: A man shot and killed another man at a day care before he turned the gun on himself. None of the children were hurt.

Vigilantes Seize Town in Western Mexico (+Photos)

Vigilantes seize town: A town in western Mexico was seized by armed vigilantes, who arrested police officers and are searching houses after their a leader was slain.

South America

Argentina Recovering From Deadly Storm (+Photos)

The death toll rose to 57 in Argentina after strong storms with heavy rain flooded areas of Buenos Aires and La Plata capital district.

Brazil’s Soybean Exports Set Back by Transportation Bottlenecks

Although Brazil’s soybean production reached record levels this year, port congestions are impeding exports of soybean as producers fear losing international markets.

South Asia

Ford Ad Controversy: Company Issues Apology, Executive Resigns

Ford ad controversy: Over the past few weeks, Ford ads showing women tied up in the back of a Ford Figo generated controversy. It forced an ad executive to resign, while some [...]

Reminiscent Tales of Indian Lotus Flower

The Indian national flower, Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), profoundly inspires the country’s ancient and modern culture, art, and literary richness.


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